TMCNet Enterprise Call Recording Week in Review

Welcome to another week in review for the enterprise call recording sector. All of the week's most notable events are right here in one convenient place. Read on!

First, OAIYSIS announced that it’s Talkument and Tracer version 7.2 call recording solutions have been selected for the 2012 TMC (News - Alert) Labs Innovation Award presented by TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine. These voice recording and interaction management solutions are used in the healthcare, automotive and financial sectors, to name a few.

“We are very honored to receive the 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award from CUSTOMER Magazine. At OAISYS, we are dedicated to continual improvement to our Talkument and Tracer call recording and contact center management solutions. Version 7.2 delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for voice documentation compliance,� said OAISYS president Brian Spencer (News - Alert).

Next, the new Lebanese cabinet is experiencing conflict over the topic of wiretapping citizens. Sources reported that  — though Lebanon Law 140 / 99 protects citizens' rights to privacy in phone, fax and e-mail — there are exceptions which could be exploited.

Specifically, some in the Lebanese cabinet are proposing exemptions which will make these exceptions go farther, providing elements of the government to spy on the communications of any resident on Lebanese soil. These amendments are in direct conflict with the Lebanese Constitution, however.

In other news, Natterbox signed a partnership with Orange Business Services, enabling on-network mobile call recording for Orange (News - Alert) customers. The solution is aimed at those regulated by FSA rules, as it is fully compliant with none of the downsides of equivalent app-based methods which are considered overly complex and are easily circumvented.

"Our on-network solution solves that problem and this new partnership with Orange Business Services (News - Alert) -Trading Solutions will make it even more accessible to thousands of business users," said Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox.

EDEC Digital Forensics recently released its Tarantula 2.0 platform, offering Chinese phone forensics with analysis tools to both public and private organizations. Tarantula was specifically designed for Chinese-manufactured chipset mobile devices, supporting both common and off-brand products.

"In an industry where technology advances at the speed of light, it is our responsibility to provide investigators with the most advanced technology to address their needs. Tarantula 2.0 offers our customers vastly more capability in a, light, compact kit, and powered by USB making it highly portable," said Ryan Judy, sales manager for EDEC.

Lastly, ManageEngine released an updated version of its Password Manager Pro solution, which now includes video recording. PMP stores and manages shared sensitive enterprise information, like password, documents and digital identities.

Furthermore, by deploying a secure, centralized vault for password storage and access and automating frequent password changes, PMP can eliminate password fatigue and security lapses. Indeed, PMP meets audits and regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI (News - Alert), making it a must-have for corporations of any size.

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

Welcome to another TMCnet week in review, bringing you the most notable events of the week from the call recording sector. Let's get going!

First, Acqueon Technologies' flagship product AiQ has been certified as fully compatible with Microsoft (News - Alert) Lync. Combined, these two products become a full ACD contact center solution powered by SIP.

Other advantages brought about by the marriage of AiQ and Lync include new features like call recording systems, the ability to make contact across multiple channels, as well as inbound and outbound dialing. This, combined with Lync 2010's robust unified communications capabilities, results in a powerful solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Next, CallProof released an update to its mobile CRM app, featuring full compatibility with the iPhone (News - Alert) 5. As such, this version specifically takes full advantage of the new device's powerful processor and larger display size.

While the app is still compatible with other iOS devices, the iPhone 5 version boasts an exclusive feature: full integration with the iOS maps app. As such, iPhone 5 users will be given directions to potential clients, while being notified of nearby potential clients.

In other news, Gryphone released Core Voice, a complete call recording and business intelligence solution for capturing conversations in real time from any phone. This makes it easy for companies to retain crucial data of customer interactions.

"With the strengthening of call recording laws like Dodd-Frank, companies have to find ways to capture sensitive conversations that could originate from any phone, at any time," said Eric Esfahanian, general manager, Gryphon, phone-based services. "These same companies want the value that targeted analysis of client conversations could bring to new-hire training, sales-team optimization, and customer-service levels."

OAISYS (News - Alert) announced its intentions this week to demonstrate the enhancements of the version 7.3 update to its Talkument and Tracer software solutions at a summit in Surrey U.K. The two solutions are to come complete with speech search functionality and the Mobile Recall application.

Both Talkument and Tracer are designed to help companies improve customer service, reduce costs, increase revenue and drive overall profitability. They support virtualized deployments and are compatible with leading IP business communications systems such as those from Avaya, Mitel (News - Alert) and Shoretel.

Lastly, Tango Networks unveiled its Mobile Call Recording application, which allows companies to record store calls made by employees from any mobile device. This application works with the enterprise call recording system offered by Tango, routing calls and messages to it.

“Mobile Call Recording provides enterprises, particularly those in the financial and legal industries, with the monitoring and compliance capabilities for an employee’s mobile device,� stated Brenda Boehm, president and chief executive officer of Tango Networks (News - Alert). “The growing demand for compliance-related mobile call recording is an important topic in the industry."

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