Digitcom Leverages Acme Packet’s Net-Net Session Director

Recently, Digitcom revealed that it has deployed Acme Packet's (News - Alert) Net-Net Session Director to power SureConnect by HostedPBX.ca, its new SIP trunking and hosted PBX (News - Alert) service offerings. The solution enables Digitcom to offer distinctive features such as direct dialing between hosted and premises-based extensions. The Net-Net Session Director ensures high service availability and VoIP quality by enforcing quality of service policies, re-routing sessions around network or equipment failures, and protecting against denial-of-service attacks and other service-impacting events.

The Acme Packet Net-Net Session Director session border controller provides extensive protocol interoperability and interworking functions that allow Digitcom to accelerate time to market for SureConnect by HostedPBX.ca by efficiently mediating between its Class 5 softswitch and its customer premises-based IP telephony offerings.

Acme Packet's extensible, standards-based solution enables multiple services including hosted PBX and SIP trunking services in a single platform with common administration. Digitcom has been certified as an authorized reseller in the Acme Packet Pinnacle Partner Program and will offer Acme Packet's Net-Net Enterprise Session Director Server Edition (SE) and Virtual Machine Edition (VME) enterprise session border controllers for SIP trunk termination and unified communications integration functions. These cost-effective solutions are ideal for Digitcom's small and midsize enterprise customer base, enabling support for a wide range of customer premises-based unified communications solutions, IP-PBXs, and endpoints.

Jeff Wiener, president at Digitcom, said in a statement, "We selected the Acme Packet Net-Net Session Director for our SureConnect by HostedPBX.ca after an extensive evaluation process. Acme Packet's market leadership position, superior technology, and vast experience with complex multi-vendor networks were critical decision factors."

Tim Ziemer, VP of North America and Asia Pacific Japan Sales at Acme Packet added, "In today's challenging economic climate, many small and midsize businesses are looking to hosted services to reduce telecommunications cost and complexity. Acme Packet helped Digitcom enter the rapidly growing hosted VoIP services market -- quickly and cost-effectively -- by providing a unified, highly scalable SBC product family that satisfies both service provider and enterprise requirements."

Recently, Acme Packet revealed that it has become the first to successfully complete a demonstration of a WebRTC-enabled browser, calling a mobile network subscriber by way of a multivendor IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network and a session border controller (SBC), which provided secure, seamless interoperability between both sides of the call.

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DPD International Unveils New Version of GoldFax

DPD International, the makers of GoldFax, has just released its network fax enterprise software GoldFax 8.0. An enterprise level fax server solution, GoldFax allows users to “securely� deliver fax documents from any desktop, e-mail, mobile device or MFP.

In addition to delivering enhanced functionality, the product also offers extended support for MFP integration, archiving options with GoldFax Insight and new GoldFax Cloud offerings.

The newest version of GoldFax includes features such as new GoldFax Cloud which allows users to send/receive faxes via the GoldFax Cloud Fax Telephone Service; the new SIP trunk provider support that enables fax via virtual lines with an Internet connection using SIP trunk providers including babyTEL.

Additional capabilities include the fax over IP (FoIP) support with XCAPI, a disaster recovery function using GoldFax Cloud or SIP trunk providers, and the GoldFax Insight Option which archives, searches, retrieves and reports on all faxes.

Additionally, GoldFax 8.0 extends the options and flexibility of the original solution, enabling users to remain corporate and regulatory compliat. The new version of GoldFax includes a wide range of offerings and performance enhancements, said Bill Vanek, director of sales at GoldFax.

Vanek commented that GoldFax offerings allow any company to implement GoldFax faster and easier, eliminating the need or cost to integrate with a customer's telephone system. In addition to leveraging access to cloud-based services, it also maintains control and security of confidential documents.

“GoldFax Insight provides a robust fax archiving solution with advanced searching to meet compliance regulations. We are also continuing to improve our integrated solutions with the industry-leading MFP providers,� Vanek commented.

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VelaTel Acquires Hong Kong-based China Motion Telecom

VelaTel Global Communications has revealed that it is paying nearly $5.8 million to acquire 100 percent of the capital stock of China Motion Telecom (HK) Limited.

Hong Kong-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) China Motion has over 125,000 customers. The company earned $12 million in revenue and $2 million in EBITDA during its fiscal year which ended on March 31, 2012.

As an MVNO, China Motion will gain bulk access to mobile wireless network services from other carriers at wholesale prices. The company markets and delivers the services to retail customers using its own billing support systems, customer service and sales personnel.

VelaTel believes that by acquiring China Motion it will be able to supplement several long term strategic goals. The company intends to first leverage China Motion's access to wholesale voice and data services, which use the wireless network resources of incumbent carriers, to begin deployment of its projects in mainland China for state owned companies NGSN and China Aerospace.

Additionally, the company expects that China Motion's experience and personnel in sales and marketing, customer service and billing solutions provides a platform to serve not only the NGSN and China Aerospace projects, but also VelaTel's expanding networks in Peru, Croatia, and Montenegro.

The company also sees this acquisition as a great opportunity to create tremendous synergies with its Europe-based subsidiary Zapna, which also focuses on long distance and roaming solutions that cater particularly to the frequent international traveler.

“Our management and our investors are very pleased with the China Motion acquisition,� said Colin Tay, president at VelaTel, in a statement adding that not only are the financial terms very favorable from the standpoint of purchase price compared to enterprise value; the real value comes from the synergies with the other divisions and the operational experience that China Motion provides.

VelaTel acquires spectrum assets through acquisition or joint venture relationships. It provides capital, engineering, architectural and construction services related to the build out of wireless broadband telecommunications networks.

Earlier this year, the company’s subsidiary VN Technologies completed an initial round of test trials commissioned by China Mobile (News - Alert).

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Controlcam’s New CLI Flyover Service Helping Universities Meet FCC Requirements

In response to the recent public notice from the FCC (News - Alert), ControlCam, a company known for its expertise in cable signal leakage detection, has rolled out a new CLI Flyover service package for colleges and universities.

The FCC notice requires all multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD)—both cable and non-cable—to monitor for and repair signal leakage if they are using the aeronautical band. The new service, according to a statement,  is intended to help universities cut down on the time and money spent on monitoring their cable systems for leakage. A failure to abide by the FCC mandates may result in fines up to $37,500. ControlCam claimed that its affordable CLI Flyover services will help the campuses avoid unwanted fines now and in the future.

In industry for 20 years, ControlCam provides CLI Flyovers and reports to most of the largest cable companies in the United States. The company performs over 2,000 CLI tests annually, covering every region of the United States plus Puerto Rico and Canada. ControlCam’s CLI Flyover Testing and Leakage reports can be accessed online and are ready to be submitted to the FCC.

ControlCam, the parent company of Mar-Tech Engineering LLC., has a large presence in the aerial and ground imaging space and is well known in the cable TV industry for its leak detection services. It also offers an exciting smartphone app called Cam Dash that delivers real-time images and texts for installation, monitoring and verification along with a comprehensive fieldwork management system.

Only last month, the company hired a new CEO. ControlCam’s Board of Directors named David Freedman as the new chief executive officer. Freeman originally joined the company almost a year ago as its chief financial officer and chief operations officer prior to being appointed as CEO.

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Zvelo Upgrades End to End Network Infrastructure to Support IPv6

November 28, 2012

By Shankar Pandiath, TMCnet Contributor

Touted as a provider of URL database solutions and dynamic Web content categorization to OEMs, zvelo, Inc., recently revealed that it has upgraded its advanced network infrastructure to support IPv6 and effective categorization of IPv6 addresses.

With the recent news that RIPE, an European Internet Authority, is ready to block its last IPv4 addresses it has escalated the significance of supporting IPv6 all the more. In a span of few years, IPv4 addresses are expected to become exceptionally expensive and it will become impossible for new businesses to acquire it or to expand the base of service providers. Such new service providers are expected to start using IPv6 wherever possible, freeing up the space of scarce IPv4 addresses for the important users.

 This type of support move has already been witnessed in the market.  In fact, IPv6 has already been supported by network equipment and operating systems for several years. It is now time for library, application, and service providers to support IPv6 too. Earlier this year, zvelo discussed the challenges of supporting IPv6, and also provided examples of certain IPv6 malware that service providers may encounter in the future. However, despite the intricacy in supporting IPv6, it is fast becoming more of a necessity, especially because of IPv4 scarcity and rising prices. Software applications, which use third party components, may not be able to support IPv6 unless the components support it. Hence, software services and components that do not support IPv6 will certainly hold back their users and will be replaced with components that accept IPv6. 

zvelo is among the software providers who made the commitment to support IPv6 so that its technology partners would not be held back in terms of accuracy and Web coverage. The company achieved remarkable results following extensive internal testing after which it added support for IPv6 to its dynamic Web content categorization services. By supporting IPv6, zvelo can now power:

  • The AI-based categorization engine to access websites via their IPv6 addresses
  • On-disk zveloDB library and cloud services can support IPv6 address lookups
  • URL databases can record IPv6 DNS for IPv6 reverse lookups
  • All cloud systems are upgraded to support both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses

“Our dynamic Web content categorization software is integrated into numerous real-world applications, such as web content filtering, anti-virus, ad attribution and other network security services," stated David Duncan, vice-president of Engineering for zvelo, in a statement. "The global industry move to support IPv6 is well underway and we feel compelled to stay ahead of that trend for the benefit of our partners,� he adds.

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Acentic Partners with Bose to Add High Quality Audio to Product Portfolio

Hotel entertainment is generally not something you look forward to. Usually, it consists of a mediocre flat-panel screen with a remote control. Nothing's really all that impressive about it. Acentic is one of those companies that fixes these problems, providing hotels with the means to entertain their guests in new and dynamic ways. You still get the TV and remote, but the system is meant to ensure that your senses are properly catered to. And now, Acentic is planning on getting busy with your sense of hearing with its new Bose Pro partnership.

Bose is a company that creates extremely comfortable headphones with a vibrant sound that sends a tingling sensation through your brain. Acentic plans to use Bose's highly productive experience in audio to add some kick to its entertainment system offering. Bose's technologies will be seen in Acentic's hotel TVs, digital entertainment systems, and information solutions for conference halls, rooms, and shared recreational areas. The company currently provides smart TV and high-speed Internet access to 230 thousand hotel rooms in large names like Accor, Hilton, IHG, Marriot, and Starwood.

"Acentic was chosen to join our European Pro Partner network because of the similar business ethos to Bose and its commitment to quality," said Sue Harrison, Bose's business development manager, in a statement. "Acentic will receive regular specialist product training and access to a wide range of tools and technologies in return for its commitment to the brand, and we look forward to developing the relationship."

Acentic has already rushed the installation of Bose-enabled entertainment systems within Novotel and Ibis hotels in London. The product is known as "Ambient," and now incorporates Bose's sound and control technology, delivering the best in high quality audio.

Richard Robinson, chief executive of Acentic, also commented on this new partnership adding, "Bose sets very high standards for accreditation of its Pro Partners, so this is testament to the quality of our work and the passion and dedication of our teams. The partnership with Bose comes at an exciting time of growth for Acentic, which is strengthened by having a worldwide brand behind us, and we are looking forward to working together."

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Voltage Security Partners with Informatica

Voltage Security (News - Alert), a company that deals in data-centric security and key management solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Informatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software. Voltage Security will integrate its data-centric security platform, Voltage SecureData with Informatica's Data Masking software to provide clients protection across the entire application development lifecycle, from creation to production to application retirement.

Voltage SecureData unites end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and data masking to protect PCI (News - Alert) cardholder data and all other sensitive information while minimizing impact to business processes, work flow, and applications. Utilizing Voltage Security innovations like Voltage Identity-Based Encryption and Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption, Voltage SecureData is the only comprehensive data protection platform that secures data as it is captured, processed, and stored across variety of devices, operating systems, databases, and applications used by enterprises, merchants, and service providers.

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking is high-performance, scalable data masking software. It integrates with LDAP, ActiveDirectory, and identity access management software to block or mask sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized access to production or near-production databases. Informatica Dynamic Data Masking dynamically masks sensitive information and blocks, audits, and alerts end users, IT personnel, and outsourced teams who access sensitive information while ensuring quick compliance with privacy regulations.

"This partnership is built around a core principal shared by Voltage and Informatica; companies need more data-centric capabilities when managing information integration," said Jeremy Stieglitz, vice president of business development at Voltage, in a statement. "Voltage enables a common, consistent way to deliver data-centric, end-to-end protection of sensitive information, while preserving the value of the data as it is used, shared and reused for business process across the organization. Information remains protected as it flows across extended collaborative communities, clouds and big data integration projects."

Brad Kern, senior vice president, Worldwide Alliances, Informatica, said, "Customers want the flexibility that is delivered by Voltage and Informatica, with the ability to execute a full variety of security solutions, tokenization, masking and encryption across the application development and data privacy lifecycle."

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ValidSoft Recognized by Opus Research for Voice Recognition to Reduce Fraud

ValidSoft, a supplier of telecommunications-based fraud prevention, authentication and transaction verification solutions, recently announced that it has been recognized by Opus Research for its voice biometrics capabilities in Opus Research's report Voice Biometrics Vendor Survey and "IntelliView" 2012. Opus saw ValidSoft’s ability to recognize the unique aspects of a person's voice among the mechanisms to reduce fraud, promote secure commerce and foster trust between parties in online or mobile transactions.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Elephant Talk Communications Corp., ValidSoft provides solutions to counter electronic fraud relating to a variety of bank, card, internet and telephone channels. ValidSoft's solutions are used to verify the authenticity of both parties to a transaction (Mutual Authentication), the security of the relevant telecommunication channel used (Secure Communications), and the integrity of transactions itself (Transaction Verification) for the mass market, in a highly cost-effective and secure manner, while being very easy to use.

Opus Research's Dan Miller (News - Alert), senior analyst, said, "ValidSoft demonstrates willingness to create opportunities for a broad set of firms in the mobile payments and commerce businesses, thus expanding the reach of the voice biometrics community as part of a multi-channel, payments community. Employing multiple factors is a 'best practice' for secure customer care, mobile authentication, payment authorizations and information access management."

Pat Carroll, CEO of ValidSoft commented, " Voice biometrics is a very important component of our multi-factor, multi-layer, strong authentication security solution, and we expect to see voice biometrics feature strongly in financial services as adoption becomes main-stream. Voice biometrics is also particularly well suited in the enrollment and activation processes for mobile wallets and Apps and will become increasingly important given the forecast rise in the volume of mobile payments in the coming year."

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Comverse Positioned in the Leader’s Quadrant by Gartner

November 27, 2012

Comverse (News - Alert), a company that enables business enablement through BSS, mobile Internet, value-added and managed services, recently has been positioned in the Leader's Quadrant by Gartner (News - Alert) Research in its 2012 Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) Magic Quadrant report.

Comverse provides software and systems for business enablement through converged billing and active customer management, mobile Internet, value-added and managed services. Comverse's extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries and covers over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers.

The company's product portfolio enables communication service providers to unleash the value of the network for their customers by making their networks smarter. Comverse's solutions support flexible deployment models, including in-network, cloud, hosted and managed services

"This recognition of Comverse's leadership by Gartner is indeed an honor, highlighting how we have evolved our portfolio and processes to address the new needs of CSPs in the connected world, and how we work to anticipate and support future market dynamics," said Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president, chief product officer at Comverse, in a statement.

"The recognition also reflects well on our customers, who are gaining value from our comprehensive portfolio of IRCM solutions -- including 'out of the box' business processes and support for new business models," Matsliach continued. "Our customers, who have guided us to create multiple paths to convergence, continue to be key drivers of our vision."

In related news, Comverse recently won two Broadband Traffic Management (BBTM) Congress Awards for 2012 for data charging and BSS. The prestigious Broadband Traffic Management Congress Awards -- the industry's only mobile broadband traffic management awards -- confer distinction upon winning companies for quality, innovation and leadership.

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Gemalto Announces Deployment of End-to-End MFS Software Solution by Telecom Italia

Gemalto’s (News - Alert) solution for Mobile Financial Services (MFS) has been deployed by Telecom Italia for the launch of mobile wallet. Telecom Italia is a mobile operator in Italy with over 30 million subscribers.

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The solution includes the LinqUs Trusted Services Management (TSM) platform for the secure management of NFC applications and the LinqUs mobile payment platform for transaction management. The integrated solution enables subscribers to manage a complete mobile wallet from their device and use it for a broad range of financial services. These include proximity retail and transport payments, online and remote payments, loyalty programs, and peer-to-peer money transfers both remotely and in proximity with NFC.

“Our Mobile Financial Services solution is designed to cover a wide range of use cases, whether on-line or in proximity, and to facilitate the addition of new mobile NFC services as demand grows,� said Jean-Claude Deturche, senior vice president Mobile Financial Services at Gemalto, in a statement.

With a tried and tested contactless infrastructure already in place, Telecom Italia’s (News - Alert) foreseen introduction of the mobile wallet is an exciting step forward for consumers in Italy.

“Mobile payments is a high growth market and we expect worldwide mobile transaction volume and value to average 42 percent annual growth between 2011 and 2016,� said Sandy Shen, Gartner (News - Alert) Consumer Services research director.

This will bring big opportunities for service and solution providers, who will need to cater to the local demand patterns to customize their offerings.

“There will be a few global players that have the scale and resources to serve large customers and the mass market whose requirements can be readily satisfied by standard solutions,� said Shen.

Recently, Gemalto, major player in digital security, announced that Orange (News - Alert) Jordan has rolled out its LinqUs Cloud Backup solution to offer mobile content back-up to all of its three million subscribers. The solution, compliant with the entire handset base, is a first-of-its-kind in the country.

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