Lyfe Communications Files Patent for Adaptive Transportation of Multimedia

Lyfe Communications has filed a core technology patent for adaptive transport of multimedia. Lyfe Communications, Inc. is a technology icon in the development of next-generation media services that successfully integrate TV, high-speed Internet and enhanced voice services.

To deliver the signal, all television services today require a dedicated network. Operators need to invest in building and operating two separate networks and backends – one for television signals and one for all data applications.

With the help of technology for adaptive transport of multimedia, the operators can run all of their services over the data network and the need to operate dual network and the expenses involved in running it is eliminated.

The television thus becomes just another device, another application running over the data network.

Greg Smith, chief executive officer at Lyfe Communications, believes turning television into an application service is analogous to what happened in telephony with the advent of Voice Over IP. He also emphasized the fact that earlier on we used to have a telephone network for voice calls and a separate data network for Internet and e-mail access and that most telephone calls happened over that one data network, regardless of whether the operator is a telephone company or a cable company.

Smith went on to add that nowadays, we have the technology to bring new adaptive Multimedia Transport Technology, allowing operators to deliver Television over unmanaged IP networks.

Lyfe Communication’s patent-pending innovations traditional digital television delivery and convert traditional digital television delivery to a 100-percent IP-based network and service operation. The technology will herald first truly “viewer driven� service. The result is dramatically lower cost of operation that offers new interactive capabilities and access to television programming any time, on any device, in any location.

In areas where full high-definition TV (HDTV) with video on demand service is too expensive to build and operate, this technology can prove very useful. The technology can help lower operating expenses and capital on major networks.

Lyfe Communication’s integrated services are currently available in 11 communities across Utah’s Wasatch Front. The Company will be adding its next-generation television into the 16 states, where it currently offers voice and data access.

It is all set to provide latest technology driven innovative and compelling media and communications services to residential customers and businesses.

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Symantec Tames IT Risk Management with Control Compliance Suite 11

Symantec (News - Alert) released Control Compliance Suite 11 this summer to help enterprises manage the complex requirements set forth by governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management. This latest product has the Control Compliance Suite Risk Manager Module, which automates much of the governance and auditing process that normally causes some frustration and confusion in IT managers who oversee enterprise networks.

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Symantec aims to ease the complicated task of IT system governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management with the help of its new release. The new product helps IT managers understand how the complexity of IT infrastructure affects compliance and risks – critical business concerns.

A network-installed security product, Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11 (CCS) brings auditing functionality to IT managers, responsible for risk assessment, compliance and overall governance of complex IT infrastructures. To function, the product relies on MS Windows Server 2003 SP2 or 2008 and Microsoft (News - Alert) SQL Server 2005 SP2.

Easily deployable, the modular solution is licensed for enterprise-wide deployments, pricing being determined by the size of the company.

A typical configuration will cost about $150 per user.

The most relevant module in the solution is the Risk Manager Component. It is designed to help IT managers determine the level of risk that IT Infrastructures present. Risk Manager automatically audits and documents the asset and provides actionable information to reduce the assessed risks.

Triggers can be set by administrators – such as "risk thresholds," which can then serve as alerts. These alerts when notified can inform administrators when an asset’s security is compromised. Remediation recommendations are also provided by Risk Manager.

It assists administrators in prioritizing remediation tasks as well.

CCS uses a browser-based GUI and has customizable dashboards that support drill-down capabilities. Its assessment process is the real deal. The CCS suite assesses and discovers critical vulnerabilities and vet procedures and then report back on the findings. CCS uses both agent-based and agentless clients to query systems to gather data.

CCS can also leverage other security products installed in the enterprise and import data. Data is then imported using ODBC, WEB APIs and flat file formats.

CCS’s capabilities are based on administrator-defined policies. Administrators can use given templates and customize and create the policies that suit them best. Symantec has bundled in as many as 150 mandates, best practices, regulations and other elements to make policy creation an easy and straightforward process.

The policies are mapped to Risk Manager that then provides detailed support for remedial measures and thus helps administrators in reducing risks and other non-compliance issues. CCS can be integrated with third-party ticketing systems, thus bringing unified task management to enforce the best remedial measures possible for risk management.

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Squeaky Wheel Gets Nexus 4 Grease from Google Customer Support

November 21, 2012

The Nexus 4 launch hasn't exactly been what anyone would call smooth. Mixed signals, crossed wires and a sellout so rapid it left some wondering just how many of the devices LG and Google had on hand in the first place, all added up to make for plenty of hurt feelings and potential disloyalty among Android (News - Alert) device buyers. But for one lone customer who decided that enough was enough, he took matters into his own hands, and this was one squeaky wheel that got some serious grease in the form of a free Nexus 4 of his own.

Like a lot of customers, this guy got an e-mail from Google (News - Alert) following the somewhat disastrous product launch that left them sold out of Nexus 4 models within about an hour of the product coming out in the United States that told him his phone was on back-order, despite the fact he thought that he'd successfully purchased a phone, though no confirmation of same was received. The e-mail filled him in on the details of how the phone he'd thought he purchased was currently unavailable, and that this phone would arrive at some point in the next several weeks.

Rather than accept his waiting fate and hope the tracking number would show up soon, seething all the while, this guy instead got on the phone to Google customer service. Naturally, not much was done for him at first, but after a series of phone calls and e-mails back and forth about the subject, his dogged determination was rewarded with a free Nexus 4 from Google by way of apology.

While Google definitely went above and beyond on this one, it may well have opened up a Pandora's (News - Alert) box of horrors with its generous response. There are still plenty of people out there who are currently sitting on, "Sorry you didn't get your Nexus 4" e-mails that have every right the first guy did to launch a massive phone offensive against the customer service department. Google may well find itself fending off a horde of "Me too!" folks wanting access to their own free Nexus 4.

Google, meanwhile, will be hard-pressed to respond in any other way--what will they tell the callers, "Yes, sir, I know he got a free Nexus 4, but he was the first one to try it, and we only reward originality with free phones here?" With a variety of competitors out there ready and waiting to seize Google's fallen market share, it's an opportunity that's as hard to pass up as it is for Google to refuse the legion of free phone seekers. In fact, it would be a coup for Windows Phone (News - Alert), who's been having plenty of trouble making headway in the market, to step in and say, for example, "Are you still waiting for your Nexus 4? Send us a copy of the Google back-order e-mail and get 50 percent off your new Windows Phone!"

This may well have the potential to seriously destabilize the market. While the full effects of this situation won't be known for quite some time, the implications are downright earth-shattering.

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Oracle’s Cloud-Based HR Solutions to Help SMBs

Suryanarayan Iyer, director of ERP and Human Capital Management Solutions, Oracle (News - Alert) India, shared his views on the talent acquisition and management tools. He believes the organizations now are prepared for a change-ready workforce.

He feels that organizations are now all set to move to the next generation ERP solutions.

Iyer explains why newer platforms like Facebook and Twitter (News - Alert) are becoming 'de facto' standards of communication for official purposes, as it all starts with profiling of the organization, and then moves on to talent acquisition, development and retention.

“It’s about how employees are kept engaged,� Iyer said. “LinkedIn (News - Alert) has about 150 million users and Facebook about 850 million across the globe, and the former is a great source of employment, as it is quick and reliable. There is absolutely not much of a difference in this trend in India when compared to the other parts of the world. It is assuming as much significance as in other locations like Europe and Americas.�

Oracle is the company to go to for these solutions. Whether it’s a small organization or large, spanning across numerous platforms, Oracle has the only complete talent management solution on the cloud that’s useful.

Human resources (HR) systems are traditionally managed on premises. With the solutions provided by Oracle, all core employee metrics and data can be stored and analyzed in the cloud. From recruitment to performance, entire management solutions are seamlessly integrated in the solutions.

With the help of Oracle’s business partnering services, all the functions, from background verification information to everything else, can be easily outsourced.

Oracle is also into talent review, learning management, career planning and development. Oracle aims to provide business intelligence based on analytics and workforce predictions on the performance of individuals and that of the organization. Oracle has factored in 140 top metrics from contribution to attrition, which enables the system to proactively suggest measures.

It has also partnered with several analysts and consultants for their expert inputs.

Oracle’s acquisition of Taleo Corporations earlier this year has helped it immensely. They now have about 10 years of innovation strengthening their core.

For organizations looking for collaborative networks, Oracle offers Fusion Human Capital Management, with Taleo, a single integrated system. According to Iyer, organizations are replicating social media technologies now so that people can connect with organizations in a better way. Also, knowledge-sharing and networking has become very important both for organizations and for individuals.

Oracle’s other solution enables networking among employees, giving them much-deserved visibility among their peers. According to Iyer, Oracle’s solutions help source the right people, network with the right individuals and improve employee bonding.

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Perlego Systems Releases SaveIt! for Windows Phones

November 21, 2012

By , Perlego Systems Releases SaveIt! for Windows Phones

Perlego Systems, Inc., a developer of hosted, multitenant mobile device lifecycle management, recently introduced SaveIt! for Windows Phones.

This latest product offering from Perlego streamlines the process of moving personal information such as contacts, calendars, pictures and videos from old iPhones, Androids and Blackberries to the latest Windows Phones.

SaveIt, created to enable users to easily and securely backup contacts, calendars, pictures and videos to the SaveIt! Cloud from any smartphone device, is already gaining popularity among many smartphone users.

Access to the SaveIt! Cloud is free of charge, which gives users the peace of mind, that their critical data is readily available; even if there smartphone is lost or stolen.

In a statement, Jeff Bartee, vice president of Marketing, Perlego, said, “We are very excited to bring SaveIt! to Windows Phones just in time for the holiday shopping season. This simple and innovative application makes it fast and easy for consumers to transfer their data to the latest Windows Phones. There are several other solutions out there, but they require the user to download software to their PC, transfer their information from their old phone to the PC with a cable, and then transfer the information from the PC to their new phone with a cable. SaveIt! moves user data over the air, thus no cables, no PC in the middle and no hassle. SaveIt! also supports Wi-Fi, which avoids data charges on the user’s phone bill.�

SaveIt! boasts seamless, wireless data transfer from any Android, iPhone (News - Alert) or Blackberry to Windows Phone 8 and 7.5, which makes it different from similar smartphone applications currently available in the market.

Officials said the newest Windows Phones include the much-anticipated HTC (News - Alert) 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920. Featuring a built-in wireless charging and ultra-wide angle camera lenses, both of these cutting-edge smartphones are truly setting the standard in the smartphone industry.

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GL Communications Unveils MAPS SIP-I Protocol Emulator Software

Call Recording Version 1.42 from SIP Print Incorporates API and HTTPS

Not all call recorders are made equal, no, especially with today’s advancements from the industry’s leading players in the VoIP call recording space. This week, SIP Print emphasized its leading stance in the market space with the unleashing of its new series of...
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SIP Print Announces Technology Partnership with eZuce Relationship

Westlake Village, California, January 2011—SIP Print LLC, the leading Pure SIP Recording™ Manufacturer, announced today it has entered into a technology partnership with eZuce, the first company to provide a SIP-based software only solution to enable...
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SIP Print Call Recording Receives TMCnet's 2009 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

SIP Print has announced that Technology Marketing Corporation has named SIP Print Call Recording as a recipient of a 2009 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award...
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SIP Print Awarded INTERNET TELEPHONY's 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award

Technology Marketing Corporation has named SIP Print Products and Services as a 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award winner. In a release, Don Palmer, CEO of SIP Print, said the award coincides with the ever increasing market demand in the marketplace across a wide spectrum of industries with strong call recording requirements, such as financial services, legal, healthcare, automotive, call centers, energy, manufacturing, government and first responders. He said the company is honored by TMC Labs and to have passed its rigorous innovation award criteria...
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SIP Print Launches SIP Print Labs Hosted VoIP and Co-Lo Program

Lab Customization Program to Provide Custom Call Recording Products and Services for Leading Hosted and Co-Lo VoIP Providers Based Upon Sip Print Call Recording Systems...
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SIP Print Launches SIP Print Labs

Lab Certification to Authenticate Interoperability between Leading VoIP IP-PBX Systems and SIP VoIP Call Recording Platform Los Angeles (PRWEB) June 23, 2009 — SIP Print™...
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Unfortunate Color App Officially Shutting Down by Year’s End

November 20, 2012

By Colleen Lynch, TMCnet Contributor

Ever heard of It’s okay if the answer is no, considering the website is now shutting down due to its lack of notoriety or success.  The website is a social photo-and-video-sharing service run by Color Labs in Silicon Valley, and its story is long and tumultuous, although it now seems to be at an end.

The company started with initial excitement and high hopes, as well as a high price tag (News - Alert): without any strong concept, traction with the public, or revenue generated, was funded as a startup for an astronomical $41 million.

Why so pricey? Well, the confidence boasted was pretty well-founded, considering it was created and set to be run by a veritable dream team of previously successful entrepreneurs in the tech industry, including Bill Nguyen and Peter Pham. Nguyen created the online music discovery company Lala, which he sold to Apple in 2009, and Pham helped Photobucket (News - Alert) and BillShrink attain substantial success before agreeing to co-found with Nguyen.

The company’s problems began early, with Pham being quickly fired, and just a couple of months ago rumors surfaced that Nguyen no longer runs the company on a day-to-day basis as he used to.

Despite countless other theories dating back to March as to why the company was failing, or whether it could rise to take on the likes of Instagram, the truth was never quite clear--that is, until now.

According to the statement posted on’s website on Monday, the startup is now a shutdown, effective December 31. “We hope you’ve enjoyed sharing your stories via real-time video. Regretfully, the app will no longer be available after 12/31/2012,� the statement read.

While it has been suggested that Apple (News - Alert) may acquire the company’s engineering staff, no mention was made of this in the company’s statement. Interestingly, neither was the reported lawsuit filed by Adam Witherspoon, one of’s first employees. Witherspoon is filing his lawsuit against Color Labs and Nguyen, claiming he was subjected to “intentional infliction of emotional distress,� while working there.

So although the company is shutting down, Color’s dramatic and long-winded story may not be at its final end just yet--we will have to see, depending on how Witherspoon’s case goes.

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Amazon and Best Buy Provide the Best Holiday Customer Service

November 20, 2012

By Colleen Lynch, TMCnet Contributor

The customer experience analytics company ClickFox (News - Alert) recently released the results of a consumer survey it took, which audited customer service experience and purchase behavior during the holiday season at various businesses popular around this time of year. The winners turned out to be Amazon and Best Buy, two companies described as providing the best overall customer experience during the fairly stressful, shopping-crazed, shopper-saturated holiday season.

“Consumers have become adept at identifying the easiest customer service resolution,� explained Marco Pacelli, ClickFox’s CEO, in a statement. “The findings of our research should serve as a wake-up call for those in the retail industry: if they continue to fail to provide stellar in-store customer service, they risk losing customers to online competitors.�

Both Amazon and Best Buy (News - Alert) have a large online marketplace, which was shown to be the preferred method for holiday shopping, according to the study. There are just too many hassles to deal with when it comes to in-store and call center service representatives--the results of the study revealed many more negative experiences correlated to those environments than the more comfortable option of shopping from home.

“As we’ve seen with analysis of more than 12 billion customer touch points annually, when retailers fail to resolve customer service inquiries at the first point of service, companies can expect increased service overhead and decreased customer loyalty as consumers are forced to utilize multiple service channels to resolve their issues,� said Pacelli.

The specifics of the study are as follows: 62 percent of respondents plan on shopping mainly online this year, and 78 percent noted especially positive service experience when shopping online.

In contrast, 50 percent of consumers cited negative experiences when dealing with contact centers and sales floor representatives, and 52 percent reported having to speak with a manager to resolve issues, which hints at the failings of lower-level in-store representatives.

With Black Friday (News - Alert) just around the corner, this survey should prove useful for companies looking to keep loyal customers coming.

For a look at the complete infographic results, click here.

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Making Contacts and Getting Social Online

November 20, 2012

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

Hello, fine citizens of the Internet. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely online, and therefore capable of reaching out to me at any given time. Of course, that’s incredibly useful in a business environment, and I’ve already found myself receiving quite a few contacts as a result of this. That just goes to show how important making social contacts is.

There are a variety of social websites out there, and even more ways to reach people. Most professionals have a LinkedIn account, but it’s getting more common to see Twitter (News - Alert) accounts and Facebook pages for companies and employees. All of those are great ways to reach people and find new followers.

On Twitter, for instance, using certain hastags, such as #UComm for Unified Communications (News - Alert), will make it easier for people to find your posts and follow you. Of course, you can’t sit back and expect people to flock to you; you have to follow people as well, and that in turn makes them more likely to follow you. Sharing content is also important; you need to retweet interesting posts, and hope others will do the same for you.

If you want to make a Facebook (News - Alert) fan page, that’s also a useful way of reaching customers. Again, using specific keywords is a great way of being found, although you don’t have to friend anyone who likes your page. You can also connect Facebook and Twitter streams so that what gets posted on one also gets posted on the other (although some people do dislike it when Twitter hashtags are used on Facebook posts).

If your business or work is related to specific products, there are forums, site submissions, and so on that you can submit links to. This will help draw people towards your business, allowing you to connect with them.

And of course, the most important thing is to have a way for people to reach out to you. A “Contact Me� page on your site or blog, links to the social media sites or an email, anything that can help people reach you. Everyone else wants to make contacts just as much as you do, so let them, and they’ll let you. Humans are social creatures; we rely on one another in many ways. Being able to connect with each other will help make contacts that can benefit both parties.

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YouTube to Air D-League NBA Games Live in New Deal

For those interested in catching NBA D-League games this season, YouTube will be broadcasting most of them live on its site. Approximately 350 of the 400 total regular-season games will be available through the D-League YouTube channel, as well as a YouTube video player featured on

The videos will be in high-definition, and will be archived once each game is over with on-demand capability, highlights and other short-form content for fans to check out, such as various features on the top players in the league, and recaps of the top 10 plays of the D-League’s season.

This marks the first time a professional sports league has ever used YouTube as its primary broadcaster, according to ESPN Playbook.

“When we looked at what would give our league the best platform for exposure for up-and-coming prospects, YouTube was at the top of the list,� said NBA D-League president Dan Reed. “We’re looking to really take that to the next level with YouTube.�

The popular video-sharing website purchased the rights to the D-League games as part of the deal, but the specific terms of the agreement are not being released by the NBA, nor Google (which owns YouTube).

This deal is an exciting one for YouTube, as it is the biggest live professional sports deal the company has ever made, and will help widen future prospects for the site.

Claude Ruibal, the global head of sports for both Google and YouTube, commented on the momentous decision, saying “We want to grow our live content. We’ve been a great catch-up destination, a place you can go to find things you might have missed. In sports, live is a big component, and we think we can develop pretty good visibility.�

While YouTube may not be able to compete with mainstream sports channels, the company expects positive ad revenue and positive monetization in the long term, due to the fact that the smaller leagues and sports divisions do not have such strong platforms or widespread distribution.

“There are many sports that are not really well-distributed to their fans. I describe them as underserved sports fans and under-distributed sports. We’ve been working with a lot of sports governing bodies that have pretty good production but limited distribution--we have the ability to provide distribution. We’re trying to be additive to the offerings that currently exist,� said Ruibal.

The season will begin broadcasting through YouTube this Friday, with four games starting at 7:30 on the east coast.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the NBA, David Stern and Adam Silver,� said Ruibal. “I think it’s a great template to show other leagues and sports that YouTube can be additive to their existing offerings.�

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