Dell Reveals #Inspire 100 List Featuring ‘Leading Influencers’ this Holiday Season

November 20, 2012

By Colleen Lynch, TMCnet Contributor

Dell (News - Alert) has revealed a list it is calling #Inspire 100, which compiles what Dell considers today’s leading influencers in education, entrepreneurship, media and philanthropy. Those on the list are known to use technology to empower and inspire others, hence the name.

“The #Inspire 100 are one hundred extraordinary people who are moved by their individual passions, and who inspire others to do the same,� said Dell’s executive director of North America Consumer and Small Office Marketing, Fara Howard.

Howard described those who made the list as “the social entrepreneurs who invest every dollar to make the world a better place, writers who connect communities, designers who embody the spirit of innovation. They’re committed to action, to being leaders, and to showing how technology can make dreams come true.�

Listing all one hundred honorees here would be overkill, but a few are worth mentioning, such as “World Changers� Casey Rotter, who runs the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Chrysi Philalithes of RED, Penny Abeywardena representing Clinton Global Initiative, and Scott Gerber of the Young Entrepreneur Council.

Some “Creatives� on the list are Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, Ross Martin of MTV Scratch, and William Yan (

The list also includes “Tastemakers� Dina Fierro from, Giuliana Rancic of E! News, Giuliana & Bill, and FabFitFun fame, and Josh Rubin representing Cool Hunting.

The idea for Dell’s #Inspire 100 list came from the company’s “Inspired Gifting� campaign for this holiday season, which encourages customers to “give the gift of inspiration.�

#Inspire 100 was created by Dell along with others in the technology industry, such as the founder and CEO of Buzz Marketing Group Tina Wells, who is also a member of the Dell Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), and Josh Kopelman, the founder of First Round Capital.

For a complete list of the people featured, with short synopses on each of their inspirational works, visit Dell’s Facebook page.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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New Data Shows Text Messaging is On the Decline, is it Really?

November 20, 2012

Only a year ago, it would be hard to believe that texting with cell phones is on the decline. But, latest data confirms that trend. A new report issued by a technology and strategy consulting firm shows that sending text messages using cell phones has dropped.

Technology consultant Chetan Sharma’s US Mobile Data Market Update for the third quarter 2012 claims a drop in the average number of monthly text messages per user from 696 texts in the second quarter to 678 in the third.

However, New Jersey’s personal injury lawyers at Console & Hollawell are taking a closer look at the new data. According to the injury lawyers, despite an apparent drop in messaging, crash data from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highlights distracted driving, including texting while driving, as a still-growing national problem.

In fact, NHTSA data seems to suggest a steady increase in text messaging nationwide, believes New Jersey car accident attorney Richard P. Console Jr, a managing partner of Console & Hollawell P.C. He warns drivers to stay focused on the road and away from cell phones.

“Americans might be texting less, but that doesn’t mean they’re staying off their phones while they’re driving,� said Console. “With so many ways to send text-like messages on a smartphone, it’s impossible to look at the data and say usage is dropping. Distracted driving is still a massive, dangerous problem in New Jersey and the country as a whole.�

According to NHTSA’s study, in 2010, there were 416,000 injuries and 3,092 deaths in car crashes involving distracted drivers. The report claims a 50 percent increase in the total number of text messages sent monthly in 2011 from 2009, while monthly text messages in June 2011 alone reportedly totaled 196 billion in the U.S.

Meanwhile, a semi-annual survey released by the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry shows text messaging in the country is still on the rise with the total number of sent and received messages up three percent in 2012.

Consol said, “Texting while driving is a problem that isn’t going away easily.�

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

TMCnet GreenTech Week in Review

In green technology developments this week, as Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast this month, desperate utility customers—left without lights, heat and electronics for weeks—bitterly complained that there should be a better way to transmit power, monitor system faults, and make repairs to the energy infrastructure. Meanwhile, several clever individuals and organizations touted their own solutions to the widespread outages.

While many storm-weary residents made do with flashlights, candles, fireplaces and generators, at least one area resident powered his home– including lights, laptops and a television –  with three quarters of a tank of gas left in his Toyota Prius. Using a little-known ability of hybrid battery/gas cars like the Prius, Bob Sakala of Paramus, New Jersey, hooked up a power inverter and a few extension cords to make thecar’s powerful battery a back-up power source for his home for a solid week. Sakala told MSNBC, "The neighbors kept saying, 'Does Bob have a generator?' No, it's the Prius. It's a spaceship." Both Xcel Energy and the federal National Renewable Energy Laboratory are reportedly exploring this type of vehicle-to-grid technology. Another great benefit of hybrid or electric vehicles after storms? Their owners are much better positioned to survive the shortages of gasoline that parts of the Northeast are experiencing right now.

Mage Solar, a single-source PV-solution provider based in the United States, has released a 3-kilowatt (kW) emergency kit for the residential and small commercial markets designed to keep power flowing during grid outages.. It features Mage Solar's Powertec Plus modules, a pitched roof mounting solution and Balance of System components; as well as an inverter with charge controller unit that can power an existing battery system or provide electricity directly to appliances and other essential devices, such as communications equipment. This UL-listed device is designed specifically for quick response to any power requirement, while continuing to provide electricity from the PV array to the home even when the grid is unavailable.

According to a new report released by Boulder, Colorado-based Pike Research (News - Alert), as a non-terrestrial-based network, satellite communications may be the only solution to keep the grid connected or to bring it back online rapidly in cases of natural (or manmade) disasters. Looking ahead, the analysts said, satellite appears to be well-positioned to play a growing role in the next-generation grid. In fact, while satellite will undoubtedly remain a relatively small element of the overall smart grid picture worldwide, Pike estimates that the global revenue generated by both equipment and services will amount to a total of nearly $2.1 billion cumulatively between 2012 and 2020.

As the smart grid market matures, applications like substation automation, distribution automation, advanced

And for those who experienced “water, water everywhere – but not a drop to drink� during the height of the storm, there may be a solution, thanks to the patent-pending commercial Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) produced by Port St. Lucie, Florida-based GR8 Water, Inc. GR8 Water’s free-standing three-, five- and 10-ton AWGs can produce up to 3,500 gallons of water daily byextracting moisture from the ambient air using a technologically advanced system that relies on the natural process of condensation to transform air into water. This water is then purified using a special ozonation process and UV filtration. In the United States, GR8 Water Factories use a standard 110V outlet in the States; in Europe, a 220V outlet is required. The GR8 Water Factory also can be used with solar, wind, and/or gas/diesel generators, which makes it possible to generate clean water during power outages.

In other green technology news, Silicon Valley search giant Google (News - Alert) announced on its blog this week that it has made an equity investment of $75 million in a50-megawatt (MW) wind farm located in Rippey, a small town in Greene County, about an hour outside of Des Moines. The Rippey project – developed by West Des Moines-based RPM Access and now in operation –comprises over 3,500 acres and 20 turbines, together with the substation. It represents one of the first wind farms in Iowa to use 100-meter-tall towers, designed to provide better wind exposure for the 2.5-megawatt turbines. It is expected to produce enough energy to power more than 15,000 Iowa homes. This project brings Google’s committed investment to the renewable energy sector to more than $990 million. And there may be more news in the pipeline: At presstime, Google was expected to join state leaders Friday for another big announcement pertaining to investment in Iowa and it Council Bluffs data center.

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, U.S. Post Offices will acceptpackages containing lithium batteries found in electronic devices. This is particularity good news for online merchants sending electronics internationally. In May, international online merchants were left frustrated when a ban prevented the USPS (News - Alert) from accepting packages containing lithium batteries and electronic products containing lithium batteries, addressed to destinations outside of the United States. The order did not apply to packages mailed domestically. The USPS ban was supposed to be enforced through January 2013, missing the prime shipping and shopping month of December, but now the ban is said to lift November 15.

 AT&T (News - Alert), BMW and Tendril will co-sponsor a jointhackathon in New York City from November 16 to 18. The goal is to focus on application development around the intersection of electric vehicles (EVs), mobility services, sustainability and the connected smart home. The three-day event will be part of the seven-city BMW i Born Electric Tour, which celebrates the unveiling of the hybrid-electric Concept BMW i8 and the fully-electric Concept BMW i3. The world tour and hackathon also will highlight BMW's sustainable and holistic approach to technology and lifestyle. 

Finally, the streets of San Francisco are going “smart� starting this month, with a secure, integrated wireless communication monitoring and control system that will first be used toremotely manage the city’s lights – and in the future, is being considered as a control mechanism for a variety of urban services, including electric vehicle (EV) charging station data transmission, electric meter reading, street surveillance, traffic monitoring and more.

TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

The role of call recording is getting more credence as organizations and businesses see its value in customer service and satisfaction. It is becoming imperative as the technology advances and creates new applications.

TMCnet contributor Arvind Arora reported that call recording provider OAISYS’ call recording solutions Tracer and Talkument are now interoperable with BroadSoft (News - Alert) BroadWorks voice application platform.

“The successful completion of OAISYS, Tracer and Talkument interoperability testing with the BroadWorks platform enables providers to further enhance the value proposition of their cloud-based services by effectively and reliably addressing the growing demand for advanced call recording functionality," noted Brian Spencer (News - Alert), president at OAISYS.

With the growing recognition of call recording and voice analytics technology, the experience of call center employees is improving. Experts think that voice analytics can produce valuable results in call centers. Consequently, reported TMCnet contributor Mandira Srivastava, Aspect (News - Alert) Software, a provider of next-generation customer contact and enterprise workforce optimization, has partnered with City Park Technologies (CPT) to provide call recording and voice analytics technology across three contact centers, and 1,000 agent seats.

The report indicates that Aspect is ready to roll out the technology this month. The company will use voice analytics as a tool to improve sales and service performance across the contact center for its clients, wrote Srivastava.

In other news, TMCnet contributor Rajani Baburajan reported that call centers are implementing modern technologies like hosted predictive dialers to deliver effective telemarketing services. In addition to predictive dialers, telemarketing services are also implementing good computer telephony integration (CTI (News - Alert)) system that provides both call recording and analysis, wrote Baburajan.

To give users a far better experience with audio conferencing, Firespotter Labs has launched a new version of its online conference calling solution UberConference. It is designed specifically for enterprise customers and large organizations, reported Rory Lidstone.

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Mobility TechZone Week in Review

Our favorite news of the week is that HTC and Apple have resolved their patent lawsuit. As it turns out it is favorable to Apple. HTC will end up paying Apple some dollars per device, but the company at least gets out from under the lawsuit’s thumb. Meanwhile, perhaps the more interesting thing about all of this is that the dollars Apple will collect from the lawsuit points out that there is hardly anything free about the supposedly free Android.

HTC emerged shaken but not stirred. Immediately following the announcement of the settlement, HTC went on to announce what looks to us to be a very stunning new Android phone. The new HTC DNA is big, with a five inch screen, but it will also deliver 1080p video resolution, a first among smartphones. Go check it out.

Research in Motion meanwhile, has finally confirmed that it will absolutely be shipping its new mobile toys, along with its new operating system on January 30, 2013. This is good to hear.

Nokia this week also provided some very interesting announcements. First, it has reached a deal to acquire Earthmine, a 3D mapping company with some seriously solid technology. Second, along with the acquisition Nokia has also announced a major re-branding of its entire mapping and location services group – now re-branded as HERE. It’s an interesting name – we sort of think of it as “here, there and everywhere� without all the extra words.

Here is a very interesting thing to note: Flomio has now launched FloJack, a one-of-a-kind NFC reader and writer that can be effortlessly plugged directly into your iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPads. Adding NFC to your iOS device has never been easier. Wal-Mart is anticipating a very high number of mobile users for the holiday buying season, and may very well have some NFC capabilities to use your new FloJack device. If you happen to be looking for a new toy to plug FloJack into, AT&T is now offering a $100 rebate on tablets.

If you are a Sprint customer and you are hungering for a Windows 8 phone, you are going to be out of luck until 2013. Sprint has decided to sit back and wait on offering them until then. To make up for this possibly egregious behavior Sprint is at the very least providing some new details on its Sprint Phone Connect, a plug-and-play product available to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in order to provide their customers with a home phone service without the need for a landline or broadband service. Shoppers can already purchase the device directly from Sprint, but by offering it to its MVNOs, the company may see an exponential growth in product adoption.

AT&T is getting ready to release an unprecedented – and potentially very useful new toy. As of November 19, AT&T subscribers will be able to buy the world's first mobile data hotspot device to feature 4G LTE support as well as an innovative 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen. The new gadget is called the MiFi Liberate, and it will be able to connect up to 10 LTE devices simultaneously to share the same 4G LTE wireless Internet line via standard 802.11n Wi-Fi. Very cool.

While you are busy putting that LTE capability to good use, you might begin to think about that mobile data you are now pushing through the wireless network. If so, then check out Everything You Wanted to Know about the US Mobile Data Market but Were Afraid to Ask, which provides some very interesting insights on this front. There is absolutely no doubt that LTE continues on a huge growth trajectory. Clearwire meanwhile, a purveyor of LTE spectrum, is also delivering some very interesting toys of its own for the consumer.

We are going to close this week on a very sad note – one that is sad in two respects. First, the founder of Samsung has passed away. Second, the relatives of the founder -- Lee Byung-chull, are now embroiled in a heated dispute over the family fortune, estimated at more than $8.3 billion. The conflict has spilled over out of the boardrooms and courtrooms and actually threatens to disrupt the traditional Korean memorial services for the deceased. Ah well, if Michael Jackson’s relatives can do it, why not Lee Byung-chull’s?

Those are the week's mobile musings and highlights. For much more, make sure to scope out Mobility TechZone directly.

TMCnet Business Process Outsourcing Week in Review

Given how much support the Obama administration had put in his first term behind tough anti foreign call center outsourcing legislation, you’d imagine that offshore BPO players might be nervous about the recent election outcome.

Not so much, according to at least one source, a Philippines business newspaper. Business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in the nation are not worried about the possible resurfacing in Congress of a bill called the “Bring Jobs Home� that would, among other things, penalize U.S. firms for sending their call center business abroad, the Philippines’ Business Mirror reported.

The business process outsourcing industry is confident that Congress will again junk the measure as the American lawmakers are seen to give more weight to benefits that U.S. firms are getting in outsourcing some of their tasks, particularly in the Philippines.

In other news this week, Essintial Enterprise Solutions, a company offering business process outsourcing solutions for the enterprise service supply chain, recently selected Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) to avail its consulting services, including Business Process Mapping and implementing Lean principles to enhance the value to their clients and partners. It chose CSDP because of its extensive experience with business process re-engineering and deep expertise in service lifecycle management in particular.

Connectyx Technologies, a healthcare business process outsourcer, reportedly signed a joint venture agreement with Palm City, Florida-based business process outsourcing company iVox Solutions. Braced for a $3 million revenue target in 2013, the company hopes that the alliance will give it a greater market reach in the Hispanic pockets. Under the agreement, Connectyx will tap iVox’s experience and expertise in the area of call center services to promote a slew of personal healthcare and medical emergency products and services. 

The business process outsourcing subsidiary of Infosys (News - Alert), Infosys BPO, recently stated that its flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Project Genesis, has trained more than 100,000 students in India. This training is meant to enhance these students' level of employability in the ITeS (information technology enabled services) industry.

In more exciting news this week, business process outsourcing provider Alorica was inducted into the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), part of the Department of Defense (DoD)’s broader spouse education and career opportunities initiative. Alorica, a provider of business process outsourcing solutions, was recently inducted into the MSEP to support the mission of AloriCares, its veteran home agent program, by extending employment opportunities to disabled vets and military spouses.

The business process outsourcing community covers the top industry news, trends, announcements and resources each week. Visit and bookmark to stay on top of the latest information in the business process outsourcing space!

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TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review

Welcome to another week in review, bringing you a handful of the top stories from the week in the SIP trunking sector. Let's begin!

First up, Avaya's (News - Alert) IP Office phone system surpassed the 300,000 sales mark within the SMB market. Furthermore, Avaya has doubled sales revenue over the past two years, hitting a total of 10 million sales of IP Office.

“This has been a banner year for IP Office, and the customer response to our latest version has been immense,� said Mark Monday, vice president, Product Management Collaboration Platforms and Endpoints, Avaya.

Next, snom's VoIP endpoints are now interoperable with the Kerio Operator IP PBX Phone System. As such, snom endpoints can now be auto provisioned through Kerio Operator, allowing for quick and easy installation, along with no-hassle management directly from Kerio.

"snom is committed to interoperability with a large number of SIP-based platforms and is pleased to have successfully completed the testing process with Kerio Operator's premises-based and software solutions," said Dr. Michael Knieling (News - Alert), snom technology AG COO.

In other news, Frost & Sullivan recognized Windstream with the 2012 U.S. Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Retail Carrier Ethernet Services and the 2012 North American Market Share Leadership Award in VoIP Access and SIP Trunking Services.

Frost & Sullivan evaluated Windstream (News - Alert) and its competitors based on each company's performance across a number of categories — ability to leverage competitive intelligence, execution of competitive strategy, impact on market share, competitive brand positioning, and impact on customer satisfaction and value. Windstream earned the highest marks across all categories and was the only company to score perfect 10s in multiple categories.

Inflow Communications was recognized with the ShoreTel (News - Alert) Outstanding Customer Achievement Award for third consecutive year. Inflow specializes in ShoreTel VoIP business phone systems with UC integration and other business communication technology.

Inflow's unique combination of technical knowledge, customer service training and support ultimately set it apart. The company also employs the most Tier-3 ShoreTel support engineers in its area, allowing for comprehensive follow up support.

Lastly, Cellcrypt (News - Alert) launched Cellcrypt Conferencing, its new secure conference calling product. This new solution is meant to dramatically reduce security risks compared to traditional conference calling services while also enabling end-to-end encrypted calling.

Cellcrypt Conferencing is aimed at government and enterprise customers who require a flexible, on-site, software-based product that also enables improved security on both ends of the line. According to Cellcrypt, this conferencing solution uses a three-step risk reduction process to ensure only authorized callers are able to enter a conference.

That wraps up this week in review. Be sure to check out the SIP Trunking Channel for more news in this sector.

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Managed Service Provider Week in Review

November 17, 2012

The Petraeus scandal and testimony dominated this week's headlines, and if nothing else, this incident highlighted just how important IT security can be. From e-mail encryption to disaster recovery and business continuity planning, managed service providers (MSPs) offer a variety of ways to safeguard your company's data to ensure your valuable information stays out of the wrong hands.

Managed IT IaaS provider Brinkster Communications Corporation joined forces with e-mail encryption service provider Zix Corporation, forming a strong channel partnership. The alliance has Brinkster becoming a premier MSP and incorporating the ZixCorp E-mail Encryption Services into its hosted Business Premium and Business Professional E-mail solutions.

Nuspire Networks and the National Cyber Security Alliance are also working together to promote network security in both the corporate and private sectors. Nuspire was recently voted a champion in cyber defense by the Alliance. With the number of cyber attacks increasing by more than 10 percent this year, it is now vitally important to get systems up to speed to defend against future threats.

Disaster recovery is also vitally important, and companies like MSP Infinity Network Solutions are working to secure business data while also ensuring their clients' operations run smoothly. The company was recently chosen by Walthall Oil Company to provide IT expertise, disaster recovery planning and management of the company's core infrastructure.

When a large furniture manufacturer experienced a major power and server outage, MSP KME Systems helped the company avoid a disastrous shutdown. The customer was using KME's Business Continuity service as a backup, recovery and continuity solution and the MSP had them back up and running quickly, helping the customer to meet its own important client deadlines.

NFL Playbooks: There’s an App for That


If you watched “Hard Knocks� on HBO this summer, then you already know that the phrase “turn in your iPads� has started replacing “turn in your playbooks� when players are cut from an NFL team.

Want a competitive advantage? As NFL teams are discovering, there’s an app for that. Across the league, teams are trading in their 500-page printed playbooks for iPads.

In the last year alone, NFL teams using the iPad have quadrupled from three to 12, representing more than one-third of all teams. Those who make the switch are discovering that the technology goes far beyond the old playbook capabilities.

PlayerLync is at the forefront of the movement, and is currently being used by five NFL teams: the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers.

Those using PlayerLync report that it has revolutionized the way they push out film and significantly altered the way they communicate. The technology is such a leap forward that other teams are even considering making the iPad switch in midseason.

The Broncos were one of the early adopters of the technology. Since making the switch, team members, IT and video staff say they can’t imagine returning to the old way.

"It changes the way you prepare," says Broncos tight end Jacob Tamme. "You can come off the practice field, get in the cold tub and watch film in the cold tub on your iPad."

[+] Enlarge
Falcons Playbook
AP Photo/Scott BoehmThe huge, printed playbook may soon become obsolete.
In addition to saving printing costs, digital playbooks like PlayerLync are increasing effective, real-time communication by allowing coaches and quarterbacks to add and share plays with the click of a button.

Every time new data, film or information is added, a banner alert pops up (like a text message), signaling players to view the updates.

And if they don’t log in? Coach could know, thanks to optional modules that can track when and how long a player views a play or file. There are also options that update calendars, ensuring the whole team remains on the schedule.

But the real benefit of PlayerLync might be with game film.

Prior to the app, in Denver, for example, sharing practice film was not so streamlined.

“They had to come in, sit down at a computer and look at video that way. Or they had to look at tape and they had to be at a big machine to look at that tape. Now, it’s right on the iPad,� says Russ Trainor, VP of IT for the Broncos.

Now, the film is literally in the palms of players’ hands immediately following practice. Say a team is playing on the road: Once the game ends and they’re headed home, the video teams can be uploading film while players’ apps are downloading it in the TSA line, ready for them to watch on the plane.

Mind you, you won't find PlayerLync alongside Doodle Jump or Bejeweled for 99 cents in Apple's App Store. It’s a private, “full-solution app,� according to Bob Paulsen, CEO and founder of PlayerLync.

Paulsen says that the idea for the app sprung from a conversation at a barbecue with a Broncos staff executive in late fall of 2011.

With a background in telecom -- Paulsen sold his previous business to Bill Gates -- he knew the right people who could make the app happen.

“You can’t create this kind of platform without the extensive background we have,� says Paulsen.

Still, that background didn’t prepare him for the app’s instant appeal. Paulsen says it wasn’t until late in the game that he had to make an outbound call to sell the app -- marketing was entirely done by word-of-mouth.

[+] Enlarge
Jim Rogash/Getty ImagesFox and Manning have joined the iPad revolution.
In fact, when the Broncos agreed to get on board with the platform, Paulsen had yet to set a price. “I asked them what they thought it would be worth,� says Paulsen. They came up with a price together.

Not long after, rather than keep the tech advantage to themselves, the Broncos actually helped spread the word to other teams.

“It was a day before the combine and we realized we needed a few minutes away from development and get our website up. The next day we were meeting with teams [at the combine], and they were quickly receptive to the solution,� says Paulsen.

And for security? No one wants an iPad-gate. NFL teams can feel safe using PlayerLinc. Without getting too nerdy, Paulsen says there are 10 layers of security. Given the data sensitivity, the apps are highly encrypted, and each iPad can be remotely wiped clean if, for example, a player loses his device or is traded to another team.

These days, everyone seems to want a piece of the PlayerLync founder: Both the Broncos and the Rockies have offered Paulsen on-site office space and he’s been approached by hockey, basketball and baseball teams that are interested in the app.

Why is it so popular? According to Paulsen, the reviews from players and coaches have been universally positive.

Broncos coach John Fox says PlayerLync is not just fast, it’s easy to use. “(The players) can download from afar and the turnover happens faster, so the production of our video, in particular, is much more efficient," says Fox. "Even us older guys are becoming more comfortable."

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning says the app makes it easier for the video guys to dispatch footage to different players, giving them no excuse not to study game film. And Chargers QB Philip Rivers appreciates the fact that the app allows for instant revisions -- if a route is changed, it can be immediately updated on the app without the need for printing out a new page and manually adding to a playbook.

And as of late, the app could get even more efficient. That is, if teams take advantage of the latest iteration of the iPad and the new iPad mini, both recently unveiled.

The new devices have double the Wi-Fi speed, which means pushing out game film and content event faster or having an even more portable device, via the smaller mini.

Will teams upgrade now, or wait for the next model?

Welcome to the consumer dilemma, NFL.

Promote Your Apps with New Mac App Store Badges

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