SK Telecom Launches All IP-Based Integrated Communication Service joyn.T

December 27, 2012

  By Jayashree Adkoli, TMCnet Contributor

The exponential growth of mobile social networking has posed various challenges for operators globally. However, Rich Communications Suite (RCS) solutions have come to their rescue while offering consumers with experience beyond voice and SMS like instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing across any device, on any network.

Taking mobile unified communications to the next level, RCS is not only changing the way people communicate, but is also offering mobile operators with new ways to use existing assets and capabilities to deliver innovative communications services.

Cashing in on the increasing demand for RCS, a mobile phone service provider, SK Telecom (SKT), has launched an All-IP-based integrated communication service called as joyn.T. As an RCS service under GSMA’s (News - Alert) ‘joyn’ brand (RCS-e standard), joyn.T facilitates users to leverage different types of communication services in an integrated manner regardless of network and device. The joyn.T features Rich Call, Rich Messaging and Rich Phonebook functionalities to enrich users communication experience.

The Rich Call feature on joyn.T service allows users to enjoy live video sharing; transferring image files, sending location map marked with the sender’s location, and transferring contact information to the person on the other end of the line even while on a call.

The Rich Messaging feature on joyn.T service, unlike other services that do not allow users to use text message and instant messaging services simultaneously, facilitates users to send/receive text messages in an integrated manner, while enabling them to enjoy real-time chat as well as exchanging contents, stickers and Gifticons.

The Rich Phonebook feature on joyn.T service facilitates users to check the presence of contacts in their address book in real time and simultaneously allows them to update his/her own status and profile. It provides users with direct links to their friends’ SNS/email addresses, including Facebook, Twitter (News - Alert) and Cyworld.

As a service provided and operated by the SKT mobile network operator, joyn.T can also be augmented into a more comprehensive service with the addition of diverse features that are developed based on the RCS standards.

In 2013, the company plans to launch joyn.T 2.0, an upgraded version of joyn.T and extend joyn.T to PC clients in the first quarter.

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Total Networx Intros eBankSafe for Easy, Risk-free Banking

Online banking is easy, convenient and risky. In spite of all its benefits and conveniences, online banking can be a perfect trap for an uninformed user not aware of safety measures to be followed while banking online. To protect customers and banks from this situation, Total Networx has introduced eBankSafe – a tool makes use of a safe browser on an account holder’s machine that offers dedicated safety for online banking sessions.

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The eBankSafe secure browser makes use of a type of sandbox technology which safeguards the browser and data entered into it from infections on the computer. In tests, even when malware such as Zeus was installed on a PC, the malware could not interfere with the banking transaction.

Total Networx provides a range of security services to companies of all sizes and safeguards the entire network. This includes protecting the perimeter, important internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. The services provided by the company assist users in complying with GLBA, PCI (News - Alert), SOX and HIPAA requirements.

“In order to effectively combat corporate account takeover and electronic wire fraud, banks need to implement effective controls at the account level,� said Ryan Elmer, Total Networx account manager, in a statement. “This is what protects the transaction at its weakest point – on the customer’s computer. The best approach to online security is to assume that the PC is infected and take the necessary steps to render malware inoperable during the banking session.�

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ADR Software’s Workforce Monitor Services to be Used in Austin-HITT Joint Venture

December 26, 2012

By Rahul Arora, TMCnet Contributor

ADR Software recently announced it will provide its Workforce Monitor service for Austin-HITT Joint Venture at the upcoming Charleston International Airport renovation.  The service is expected to be used for monitoring in January 2013.

Workforce Monitoring Software utilizes sophisticated network communications protocols and a proprietary business process to monitor and report on manpower traffic through controlled access points at commercial construction sites. These access points are referred to as portals in the ADR Workforce Monitor service. The solution is 100 percent Web-based, so it requires only an Internet connection and a browser to monitor the manpower hours being logged at client’s site.

ADR’s patent-pending Workforce Monitoring Portals provide a durable, reliable and turn-key monitoring platform that can be provisioned and operational in as little as seventy-two hours from order. Workforce Portals use a modular, self-sufficient architecture so that each portal can operate independent of wired Internet connectivity or permanent electricity. This allows the Workforce Monitor to be deployed to job sites at the beginning of a project so that data can be collected from the first day manpower is on the site.

"We're excited to be working with Austin-HITT at the Charleston Airport project," said Bruce Labovitz, ADR's co-founder and president. "This is a big project with many moving parts and we're pleased to have been selected to monitor the biggest component of those moving parts, the labor. This assignment in South Carolina expands our service territory and advances our strategic rollout of the Workforce Monitor service on a national basis."

Meanwhile, ADR Software announced the installation of its automated Workforce Monitor service at construction sites in San Antonio and Houston. For the Workforce Monitor, these assignments are the first in Texas. It was installed at a project for Holder Construction in San Antonio, and in Houston it was deployed at the BLVD Place project for WS Bellows Construction.

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xTuple Announces New Version of xTuple Accounting, CRM and ERP Suite

xTuple, makers of open source ERP software, recently announced version 4.0 of  the xTuple accounting, CRM and ERP suite is now available. Version 4.0 comes with 400 new enhancements and also includes the first ever Mobile Web client, optimized for a multitenant cloud hosting environment.

The Mobile Web client is fully interoperable with the xTuple Desktop client, which runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux. With version 4.0, xTuple has expanded the capacity of its xTuple Cloud Services, which now includes the PostgreSQL open source database, Google (News - Alert) V8 JavaScript implemented as a database procedural language, the Node.js application server, the Backbone.js model system and the Enyo HTML5 framework from HP.

Mike Rosemire, IT manager for xTuple customer Nordic Naturals and a beta tester for the Mobile Web client, reports, "I find the xTuple Mobile app to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. The app encompasses far more than merely the Web-ification of modules in an existing client. The app is the client portion of a sweeping technology transformation that spans the entire client, server and database spaces. The expanded range of supported devices for xTuple Mobile includes nearly all Web-enabled mobile devices and desktop computers. With the increasing use of mobile devices in business settings, this app is a welcome development. Moreover, with an increasingly dispersed workforce, a Web-based client such as xTuple Mobile unchains a user's location from the location where the xTuple database is hosted. As an added bonus, the xTuple Mobile technology platform has the potential to deliver higher performance to users than the previous technology platform did."

xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one system: sales, accounting and operations, including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution. The solutions is designed for professional services companies, not-for-profit groups that need fund accounting and manufacturers or distributors with advanced project accounting requirements.

“With the 4 Series and the Mobile Web client, we are extending our position as the most customer-friendly, enterprise-grade open source ERP available,� said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly. “Our open source business practices and public cloud architecture give our customers the peace of mind that their data belongs to them, and if we don’t meet their expectations, they can pack up and leave any time.�

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Uptick in ASI Index Augurs Well for Auto Manufacturers

December 26, 2012

It’s December, which means people across the world are on a buying and spending spree. Intelligent businesses exploit this to the full and smile at the increase in its coffers. This buying or spending pattern spreads good humoredly across all sectors of industry, as indicated by Dataium, the largest aggregator of online automotive shopper behavior.

Releasing its monthly Automotive Shopper Intensity report, Dataium noted that there was an uptick in the ASI index, a predictive indicator of automotive retail sales, suggesting that December could be a good month for auto manufacturers.

It attributes the positive impact for U.S. retail SAAR in December to be an offshoot of Hurricane Sandy, which increased November’s numbers by as much as 300 to 400 thousand vehicles, and also to many auto manufacturers commencing their year-end events earlier than usual to attract a greater number of buyers before the New Year.

The midsize sedan segment appeared rather expansive with all but one of the models figuring in the top ten list of ASI for new vehicles, having increased by over 50 percent from the previous month.

Even though there was a decline in shopping intensity in November, the report indicates that there was an overall increase for the domestic automaker, Ford, which managed to get four of its models- F-150, Fusion, Escape and Focus- included in the top ten new vehicles ASI ranking.

In fact, the company’s rather popular F-150, after some initial hiccups, indexed higher than most other vehicles within the truck segment and also ranked highest in ASI for new vehicles, stealing the limelight from the Japanese import, the Toyota Camry, which was the only model to demonstrate a month over month decline of 18 percent.

There also appeared to be a lot of interest being generated for the redesigned sedan, Ford Fusion, which showed the largest month over month growth of vehicles within the segment,

Thus Dataium forecasts the U.S. retail SAAR in December to be about 13 million retail units.

With year-end sales incentives underway and Hurricane Sandy victims being forced to buy new vehicles, the Dataium estimate may well prove true and the midsize Sedan market could be vigorous.

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TeleCommunication Systems Announces Patent Licensing Alliance with Acacia Subsidiary

December 26, 2012

By , TeleCommunication Systems Announces Patent Licensing Alliance with Acacia Subsidiary

TeleCommunication Systems (News - Alert), Inc., (TCS) has entered into a patent licensing alliance with a subsidiary of Acacia. Under the terms of the patent licensing, the Acacia subsidiary will acquire a portion of the wireless data synchronization & data transfer patent portfolio of TCS. TCS is a provider of reliable and secure mobile communication technology solutions and Acacia Research Corporation (News - Alert) (ACTG) is a specialist in patent licensing.

In a statement, Maurice B. Tosé, TCS chairman, CEO and president, said, “Yet another important step in our patent licensing initiatives has been taken today. We look forward to maximizing the potential return on the Aether patent portfolio, and we will continue to seek out similar opportunities.�

The wireless technology solutions portfolio of TCS has been designed to support easy synchronization of data between handheld devices, tablets, e-readers and servers. In 1990, Aether System did some foundation work on enabling secure and accurate data synchronization to handheld devices that are used by business and financial traders - the patents are part of this foundational work. In 2004, TCS acquired Aether’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions division.  

Paul Ryan, CEO of Acacia said, "We are pleased to once again be selected to help TCS realize fair value from their research and development investment.�

TCS’ intellectual property portfolio includes technology solutions are used actively in public safety, mobile location, messaging, and the wireless communication sectors. Robust and strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies can be forged and consolidated via direct licensing, cross licensing and joint venture agreements. Till date TCS has been issued a total of 271 patents worldwide. The number of pending patent applications of TCS is a little more than 380 across the globe. The company was issued 52 U.S. patents in 2012 alone and till date has filed for 86 U.S. patents.

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SITA to Take Delivery of 2 ZenRobotics Recycler Systems

SITA Finland Ltd recently announced a strategic deal with ZenRobotics Ltd. Under the terms of the deal, SITA will take delivery of two ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) systems; one is the ZRR Heavy Picker, and the second one is the ZRR Fast Picker. Founded in 2007, ZenRobotics is a Finnish high-tech company that specializes in robotic recycling technology.

SITA Finland is a subsidiary of SUEZ Environment and an expert in water and waste management. In a statement, Jorma Kangas, CEO, SITA Finland Ltd., said, "Sustainable re-use of raw materials is the key. SITA is now introducing a revolutionary technology to waste management. This strengthens our position as a supplier of high-quality industrial raw materials in Finland."

Once SITA Finland takes delivery of the 2 ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) systems, the SITA Finland site will have a total of three robotic systems. The first ZRR test system was bought by SITA Finland in 2011.

ZenRobotics CEO Juho Malmberg said, "Our three years of cooperation come to fruition! The SITA installation will be built by Finnish machine-building industry to the designs of the super-talented ZenRobotics team. And this is just the beginning of what SITA and ZenRobotics can do together. Great Yuletide news to bring to the team! In fact, I do feel a bit like the Santa right now!"

The ZenRobotics Recycler has been designed to safely and efficiently pick up raw material from construction and demolition waste. By deploying the ZRR system, the utilization rate for the waste class at the SITA Finland Helsinki plant is expected to go up from the previous 70 percent to 90 percent. The expected rate after deployment is expected to be around 95 percent rate.

ZenRobotics has been revolutionizing the sector for robotic recycling systems with an array of technology advancements. The ZenRobotics Recycler, an artificial-intelligence-controlled robotic recycling system, efficiently collects raw materials from construction and demolition waste.

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Asia-Pacific Contact Center Applications Market Registered More Than 13 Percent Annual Growth

December 26, 2012

Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert) recently released a new report, which revealed that the Asia-Pacific Contact Center Applications Market registered more than 13 percent growth in 2011. Although the market for contact centers in the Asia-Pacific region continues to grow, organizations are now focusing on improved customer service to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This has not only led to increased investments within this area, but has also helped in driving development of advanced contact center features and capabilities.

In a statement, Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager Krishna Baidya said, "Cost is a vital purchase factor for contact center operations in the Asia-Pacific. Therefore, several contact centers are looking ways to optimize their operations, generating strong demand for workforce Optimization (WFO) and analytical tools. Meanwhile, the rising popularity of cloud computing has encouraged the growth of alternative models such as hosted contact center service with its pay-per-use model. This is an attractive option in the Asia-Pacific, as it lowers upfront investments and prompts higher investments in contact center services."

In spite of the economic slowdown, the market is expected to maintain its double digit growth in 2012. In 2011, countries including Japan, Australia, Korea, the Philippines and India stood out as key growth markets. India and China will account for more than 30 percent of the total market revenue by 2018.

Multichannel conversation and social media integration is also expected to feature prominently within the Asia-Pacific markets. Contact center applications such as multimedia and speech have taken roots within the Australian market based on the importance of self service and social media. Countries such as India, China and the Philippines, which are considered as high-growth markets, are also investing in self-service applications and optimization tools. During this period, BFSI and Telco will help in consolidating growth of the contact center applications market.  

A number of organizations are keen on leveraging the services of small-sized contact centers that provide customer contact services instead of setting up in-house contact centers.

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Contact Center Trends for 2013

It is that time of year: egg nog, vacations, holiday music in Starbucks—and predictions for the year ahead.

When it comes to contact centers, four trends stand out for Omer Minkara at the Aberdeen (News - Alert) Group, include the necessity of understanding the customer, agent productivity, cloud infrastructure, and customer service as the new marketing.

“Predictive analytics and real-time customer data capture and reporting are two key enablers helping businesses differentiate themselves in the ‘last-mile’ of customer analytics, and our research shows that we’ll see more businesses integrating these two core capabilities within their technology portfolio over the next 12 months,� according to Minkara in a post at the Aberdeen Group blog.

Having a complete understanding of the customer has always been a core data management competency for top contact centers, but predictive analytics and real-time reporting are usually considered “nice to have� capabilities for most companies.Only 18 percent of businesses surveyed in Minkara’s January, 2012 survey reported using predictive analytics. Another 28 percent indicated they would be deploying them in the next 12 months, but that still means only 46 percent of the industry is using them. This will start to change in 2013.

Using technology for increased agent productivity is another trend for the year ahead. Roughly 90 percent of survey participants indicated they would be tackling agent productivity, noted Minkara. “We’ll see more businesses looking to establish and nurture technology tools and business processes that help them accomplish this objective in 2013.�

For all the hype about how the cloud is changing the way business is done, it turns out that the cloud is, in fact, making a big impact. This will continue in the coming year. Roughly 34 percent of contact centers already use cloud-based infrastructure, reported Minkara in his blog post. “This is expected to increase to 63 percent over the next 12 months based on the adoption plans indicated by end-users participating in our study,� he added.

Finally, 2013 will be the year that customer service becomes the new marketing.

Much has been written about how social media allows customers to voice their pleasure or frustration with contact centers. But this year contact centers will start to pay attention as it becomes even more real. “We’ve heard it numerous times in 2012,� according to Minkara. “Right after a customer hangs up the phone, they can go on numerous social media portals to share their experience with a broad audience. In addition to amplifying the voice of the customer, this trend means that an unsuccessful customer interaction today has direct and huge impact on brand image and perceptions.�

So get some egg nog and don’t forget to check your company’s Twitter (News - Alert) account to hear what customers are saying about your agents.

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Businesses that Focus Only on Phone Support Will Be Left in the Cold This Year

Attention all retailers! When a customer writes an email to your company, answer it!

Roughly $7.45 billion (£4.6 billion) was in jeopardy in the United Kingdom alone this Christmas shopping season from poor customer service, according to Mark King, vice president, Europe and Africa, for Aspect (News - Alert) Software. This should punctuate the need to respond to all communications channels when it comes to customer service. “With evidence solidifying the rise in online retailing and Christmas spending expected to hit record amounts this year, it is extremely alarming that a large number of retailers are failing to respond to online queries,� noted King.

A detailed study carried out by multi-channel customer interaction management software provider Eptica found that only 48 percent of retailers could answer basic questions via email, as reported by the Cellcentre Helper blog, and only 53 percent could answer basic questions online.

Researchers were unable to email nearly a quarter of the companies in the study, as they either had removed the opportunity for non-customers to contact them through this channel or email addresses could not be easily found, according to the Eptica web site.

Of those retailers that did respond, it took roughly three days to get a response, an astounding 44 hours longer than it did in a similar 2011 study.

“Response times varied greatly – two companies successfully answered email questions in a superfast 19 minutes, but another took one month to reply,� wrote Eptica on its web site. “Overall, every one of the ten sectors surveyed answered emails slower on average than in 2011.�

King at Aspect Software, at least, was shocked by the findings.

“We’ve seen the struggle retailers have had with the high street, but failing to perform and bring in the all important ‘big bucks’ during the golden quarter can cement a retailer’s fate in the wrong direction,� he said. “The retail sector is notoriously competitive and not only does the service delivered affect the success of a retailer, but so does the festive season.�

Consumers are not content with only having phone support these days. As consumers get increasingly used to texting their friends and emailing colleagues at work instead of picking up the phone, this behavior is spilling over into interaction with retailers. Instead of waiting on hold, an increasing number of consumers would rather dash off a quick email.

This means retailers need to be ready for email and similar methods of communication. Retailers that have implemented a strong communications strategy and integrated channels possess a real advantage over their competitors, and pleasing customers this Christmas is absolutely vital,� noted King.

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