Legrand Uses Datalliance VMI to Manage Wiremold Product Line

January 31, 2013

Datalliance, a provider of collaborative communicative services, has announced that Legrand, a provider of electrical and digital building infrastructure, has selected Datalliance’s Vector Managed Inventory (VMI) for its Wiremold product line.

Legrand Wiremold brings both power and communications from one point to the other.

Legrand sees VMI, which is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS (News - Alert)), as a way to streamline its operations.

“We see Vendor Managed Inventory as an avenue to help strengthen and build our distributor relationships. The VMI process will aim to help grow mutual sales and take cost out of the supply chain for both our customers and Legrand," Brian DiBella, vice president and general Manager for the Wiremold range at Legrand, said. "VMI allows us to work more closely with key customers to create a financial value stream; carefully collaborating on product life cycle issues and new product introductions. As the clear leader our category, we selected Datalliance VMI as the foundation for our VMI program. Datalliance's service model was a strong reason for our decision; our distributor base strongly recommended them and it allows for long term expansion across other Legrand businesses."

“We're thrilled to have the Wiremold line as part of our continually expanding electrical VMI community,� Tom Hoar, director of Sales at Datalliance, said. “The Legrand leadership team will be fun to work with and we look forward to supporting them on this critical initiative. Working with over 160 electrical distributors across the globe, Datalliance has 'tried and true' processes around implementation and startup that will enable a smooth start-up to quickly and cost-effectively allow us to see performance results in the near term. Our electrical manufacturer partners continue to drive financial success from the VMI process. Because of this VMI has become the way leading electrical manufacturers choose to do business with their electrical distributor partners."

Another company, Hubbell Power Systems, has also implemented VMI, with impressive results, and it is successfully is causing it to expand the use of VMI within the organization.

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FreeWave Technologies Partners with Hawaiian Electric for Fault Circuit Indicator Project

Hawaiian Electric Company, a recognized model electric utility and a dynamic energy player, recently selected FreeWave Technologies for a fault circuit indicator project.  

FreeWave Technologies is a manufacturer of the most reliable, high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission.

HECO will deploy FCI throughout the island of Oahu and will be able to successfully lessen power outages along the power line by detecting fault data and transmitting it in real time with FreeWave's wireless data radios.

This installation will further allow HECO to quickly restore power to residents.

In a statement, Curt Goldman, utility market manager at FreeWave Technologies, said, "Our solutions are ideal for distribution automation applications such as FCIs, because they perform exceedingly well in challenging, remote environments."

"This deployment began in one of the most difficult terrains for wireless data transmission on the island of Oahu,� he added. “The substation in the northwest corner of the island is extremely remote and the technology is deployed on a beach, exposing the wireless radios to harsh environmental elements. This was a location where competing wireless communication technologies previously were unable to receive or transmit critical data. However, our radios have performed well since day one." 

HECO also worked with Power Delivery Products Inc., valued partner of FreeWave, who provided the Smart Navigator FCI sensors, to install a network using FreeWave's FGR2-PE radios for long range wireless communications.

As a part of the portfolio of Ethernet solutions, FreeWave’s FGR2-PE radio offers simple Ethernet connectivity, industrial-grade security, superior RF link performance and integrated network manageability.

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, FreeWave Technologies has been recognized with the American Technology (News - Alert) Award for outstanding achievement in the Smart Grid and Smart Instrument Category for its popular FGR2-PE wireless data radio.

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SutiSoft’s New Web-Based Solution Helps Customers Manage Travel Bookings

January 30, 2013

By Deepika Mala, TMCnet Contributor

SutiSoft Inc., a provider of enterprise application software products, recently introduced its new web-based solution, called the SutiTravel Mobile.

Officials said that the new web-based solution is user-friendly, which allows customers to manage the entire travel booking process while travelling.

It can be accessed using any smartphone or tablet on the go and helps customers search for flights, domestic, international, one-way, round-trip and multi-city, based on various parameters. Users can view search results in the form of a 4D matrix.

Featuring  a flight booking engine feature, SutiTravel Mobile helps customers book flights, generate PNR’s, change booking parameters, select seats, select meal preference and use frequent flyer numbers to generate PNR and tickets.

Customers can even place special requests if any additional assistance is required in flight at the time of booking. With SutiTravel Mobile it is also very easy for customers on the go to search for hotels, based on ratings, price, hotel chains and locations. They can book any hotel of their choice directly from their mobile device.

Users can even search for private buses; select seat, boarding and dropping points. They can view seat maps, select seats and book from their mobile devices. Customers receive automated e-mail notifications upon generation of PNR, booking tickets, and generating tickets.

Headquartered in Los Altos, California USA, SutiSoft develops all its products using Java, Flex, HTML 5, AJAX, C, C++ and other cutting-edge technologies.

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, SutiSoft Inc. has announced the release of SutiSign 4.0, its electronic signature solution, which integrates with Google (News - Alert) and Salesforce for importing contacts and documents.

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Ping Application Now Available in the App Store

The 'Ping App 1.1.1' from Playfon is now available for iOS. The new Ping App is basically a social networking app to communicate with friends without words or emotions and is now available for iPhone devices, iOS5 and above. Users have to have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, which has iOS 4.3 or later and has 10.8 MB disk space, in order to use the app.

We get buried by the huge amount of info that we send and receive each day, not to mention the annoying aspect of it. It is because of this, people begin to simplify the way we communicate by using emoticons and abbreviations to keep text messages short. It is here where the ping app comes of good use.

The Ping App offers people a way to interact and communicate without being overwhelmed by loads of information. As many of the calls and texts that people make daily have predictable answers, the ping app comes as a breath of fresh air, as you don’t have to say or text anything. In simpler terms, when people have nothing to say they can send their friend a ping or signal.

A ping is nothing but a short, friendly and casual nudge to friends via a mobile device. With just a tap of a button, these emotionless pings are the only means of communications between people. Once the person has identified his or her friend from their address book, they can send them a ping until they get a response. A ping ID number or nickname for friends is also available for easy location. Every user can send up to nine pings until they get a response.

Playfon is an international provider of wireless entertainment and offers top rated entertainment content based on licensed properties from the world’s leading brands.

The 'Ping App' is available globally in English for free. CLICK HERE for more info.

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Support.com Unveils Tablet Setup and Optimization Service

Support.com, a US-based computer technology company delivering a comprehensive solution for monetizing technology services, announced the availability of its Tablet Setup and Optimization service, a service designed to help consumers and small businesses get the most from their tablets.

"Consumers and small businesses are adopting touch-centric tablet devices in large numbers. Our partners are seeking to help their customers get the most out of their tablets and our service has been designed to help with the challenges most common to these increasingly popular devices," Josh Pickus chief executive officer at Support.com said in a statement.

 The Tablet Setup and Optimization service includes a system optimization app that extends battery life and improves privacy and security, enables access to over 150 online training videos, tech support for Wi-Fi setup, e-mail setup and app store access. Currently, the service supports both Android (News - Alert) and Windows 8-based tablets, and partners can sell this online, over the phone or via in-store service card programs.

Apart from the tablet service, Support.com offers partners a broad array of remote and onsite premium technology services to meet the current and future technology needs of their customers. Support.com’s programs are offered via channel partners, which include communication providers, retailers, technology companies and others.

The company’s solution includes a SaaS (News - Alert)-based Nexus Service Delivery Platform, mobile and desktop apps, technology specialists and proven expertise in program design and execution. Support is extended to a wide range of devices in the connected home including PCs, Mac devices, home networks, peripherals, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and cameras.

Support.com recently partnered with AppDirect, the global cloud service marketplace company, to initiate technology integration for delivering world-class, cloud-based support solutions to its clients. With this deal, Support.com’s technology services and SaaS based Nexus Service Delivery Platform is made available to the cloud service marketplace partners of AppDirect.

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Data Connect Enterprises Partners with Patton to Introduce BODi rS Products

January 30, 2013

Data Connect Enterprises Partners with Patton to Introduce BODi rS Products

By Deepika Mala, TMCnet Contributor

Patton (News - Alert) Electronics and Data Connect Enterprises have recently collaborated to launch the new BODi rS line of Bandwidth-On-Demand Internet bonding routers, which will be demonstrated at DistribuTECH 2013.

BODi is ideal for automation and control systems, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, power delivery and water utility.

Officials said that the BODi solutions provide cost-effective bandwidth enhancement for SCADA applications and also offer five-nines availability and seamless survivability.

In a statement, Barry Patton, president of Data Connect Enterprises, said: “Slow connections or loss of connectivity can seriously impact the profit-loss equation for any industry. BODi rS offers a cost-effective solution for avoiding downtime and lost productivity… lost profits in other words. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to bring real value to a rapidly-growing market.�

BODi rS is the perfect mobile solution for secure, enhanced bandwidth and backup-always and everywhere.

Headquartered in Olney, Maryland—near Washington, DC, Data Connect Enterprise is a distributor and manufacturer of IT connectivity solutions and the parent company of several U.S. based distribution and VAD channels. The firm has 25 years of experience in delivering and supporting industrial-communication solutions.

“Data Connect will give us some great exposure," said Brian Lawlor, BODi rS Product Manager at Patton. "By leveraging their extensive market knowledge and effective distribution model, we believe Data Connect will prove a key partner for ensuring a sustained and successful market launch.�

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, Patton, a supplier of VoIP access solutions, such as VoIP gateways and routers, recently announced the availability of its new BODi rS family of network bonding multichannel VPN Internet routers.

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DSP Group Announces Partnership with LS Research

DSP Group (News - Alert), in collaboration with LS Research, a premier provider of wireless modules and design services for Smart Home, Smart Energy and healthcare, recently introduced a DECT (News - Alert) Ultra Low Energy system on module for home control, home automation, healthcare and other vertical markets.

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With the help of the new solution, it will now be possible to reduce time to market and ease integration for OEM's planning to add DECT/ULE support to their product portfolio.

DSP Group is a global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications. Officials said that the modules, built around DSP Group's DECT ULE IC and software stack are aligned with the latest DECT ULE and upper layer protocol standard drafts.

"By providing a system on module based on DECT/ULE standards for OEM's, system integrators and service providers, we facilitate the integration of DECT/ULE features, while lowering costs, speeding time to market, and minimizing risk," said Jen Saroto, Executive VP at LS Research, in a statement.

LS Research, with the integration of DECT ULE technology will be able to deliver simple and straightforward solutions for device makers and full system solution providers.

"We are delighted to partner with a market leader in wireless modules and design services like LSR to provide a robust platform for ODM's, OEM's and system integrators," said Jan Abelev, Corporate VP of Product Management at DSP Group. "We see DECT ULE-integrated systems on module as an excellent vehicle to allow OEM's to bring advanced home automation and security systems to market more rapidly."

In related TMC (News - Alert) news, Cetis Group, a manufacturer of hotel guestroom telephones under three telephone brands, TeleMatrix, Teledex and Scitec, recently selected DSP Group’s VoIP chipset solution to power its next generation of advanced IP telephones.

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Atiz Introduces New Smartphone-Dependent Post-PC Scanner Device

Atiz Innovation, a company specializing in book digitization hardware, has announced a unique post-PC scanner, Scandock, which utilizes smartphones to capture and store professional-grade, high-resolution images.

Offering the best of both worlds – the convenience of a smartphone and high quality scans offered by professional scanners, Scandock features a sleek design with attributes such as an aluminum base, silicone flat mat for document placement, switchable iPhone (News - Alert) docks or universal smartphone docks, crystal plexiglass neck, and dual-track lighting arms.

Weighing about 9.35 lbs, the Scandock device has a scanning area of 12 inches x 16 inches and the total dimension is about 17.5 inches (L) X 20.5 inches (W) X 15 inches (H). It is available in black, silver and transparent color options.

In order to use the device, users are required to first download the Scandock app on their smartphone. Some of the compatible smartphones include Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPod touch (5th generation) as well as most of the Android (News - Alert) phones such as Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One X.

To scan documents, users are required to place the item to be scanned on the silicone flat mat, and insert their smartphone into the dock provided exactly above the silicone flat mat.

Once the smartphone is placed into the dock, the Scandock device automatically turns on the two adjoining lights, which are meticulously designed to provide even light distribution with no glare. Then, the user can open the downloaded Scandock app on their smartphone to capture high-resolution images of the document.

Images captured with a camera on a smartphone produce low-quality output. Whereas, images captured using Scandock are of high-quality and true color as it features special color pad, called the Image IQ.

The Image IQ provides color profile information embedded in every scan. With the help of this, the Scandock app utilizes that color profile information to auto-correct every image and produce true-color scans.

“The quality of Scandock’s true-color scans clearly sets it apart from other portable scanning devices,� said, Nick Warnock, CEO of Atiz Innovation (U.S.A.), in a statement. “Scandock provides the best way to obtain high-quality scans in a post-PC world.�

In addition, the Scandock facilitates users to create PDFs, edit images, e-mail or upload images, or air print to a nearby printer. Users can even organize or group multiple documents together as a single PDF file.

Apart from neatly organizing all the scans in a library stored on the smartphone, Scandock can capture many items, such as receipts or business cards, in a single shot when in Multi-Doc mode. The app can even auto-crop and separate the items into individual documents.

“We envision that every modern workplace that needs professional output will eventually replace their conventional multi-function printers with Scandock,� said Sarasin Booppanon, CEO of Atiz (Thailand), in a statement. “Libraries, law firms, schools, medical offices, insurance companies, government agencies – the possibilities for Scandock locations are endless.�

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Smartphones May Be the Key to Better Health Care


By Mary Kozelka
Rock Center

It happened on flight from Washington, DC to San Diego.

The pilot’s urgent question reverberated over the intercom during a cross country flight, “Is there a doctor on board?� A passenger was experiencing severe chest pains, and luckily for him Dr. Eric Topol was sitting in seat 6A. 

Topol is the energetic chief academic officer of Scripps Health, a prominent cardiologist and the foremost figure in the field of wireless medicine. He believes the future of health lies in our own hands, namely in our smart phones and other portable electronic devices.  According to Topol, “the smart phone will be the hub of the future of medicine.  And it will be your health-medical dashboard.�

That day on the airplane, Dr. Topol displayed the potential of wireless medicine when he snapped an AliveCor device onto his iPhone and performed a cardiogram at 30,000 feet. Using this portable, cellphone powered device, Topol was able to see that the passenger was definitely having a heart attack and he recommended an urgent landing. The passenger was rushed to the hospital and survived.

Topol said this was a “Eureka!� moment for him; such devices could lead to better and cheaper health care everywhere, from airplanes to senior citizen’s homes.

 “These days, I’m prescribing a lot more apps than I am medications,� he continued.

Topol points to a growing number of apps and devices, none of which he is paid for using or endorsing, that are capable of measuring vital signs and then transmitting that data to smartphones. Whether it’s your blood sugar levels, your heart rate or your sleep habits, Topol believes we should track our own conditions through our phones and use that data to see patterns and warning signs of illness.

Topol speaks of a not-so-distant future where human beings are digitized through sensors in the bloodstream. He explains, “By having a sensor in the blood, we can pick up all sorts of things, whether it's cells coming off an artery lining [indicating heart attack], whether it's the first cancer cell getting in the bloodstream, whether it's the immune system revving up for asthma or diabetes or you name it.  All these things, will be detected by sensors in the blood which will then talk to the phone.�

And when one of these warning signs is picked up by the sensor, a special ring will be sent to your cell phone. Like an engine warning light on your car’s dashboard, this ring will indicate that trouble is brewing in a certain area of the body. Ideally, this would prevent life threatening incidents, like heart attack.

Topol calls the medical community ossified for its hesitance to embrace wireless technology. This he sees as destructive to the advancement of medicine.

He is similarly critical what he calls “population medicine�, in other words, one standard method of treatment used on all patients.  He says that mandated mass screenings, such as the annual mammogram for women over 50, are not only wasteful, but can cause needless anxiety from false positives and biopsies.  Only 12% of women will ever get breast cancer, so instructing that all women be screened yearly exposes many to unnecessary radiation and often leads to false positives and biopsies causing needless anxiety for both the patient and his or her family.

When describing medicine today, Topol says most doctors “fire into a black box, give someone medication, go home and pray."  He argues that instead, in the near future, everyone should have his or her DNA sequenced which would reveal what diseases or conditions an individual is prone to, and also what types of drugs will or will not be effective for that particular individual.  Topol is in full support of DNA sequencing, but there is some controversy regarding how effective DNA sequencing is when it comes to predicting illness.

Right now a full DNA sequencing costs about $2,500, but Topol expects that within the year, the cost will drop by more than half. It is his hope that DNA sequencing will soon be affordable for all.

Topol further predicts that finding a cure to ailments from cancer to heart disease depends on sharing our medical information. He insists that if we were serious about the war on cancer, every single person who had the disease would get his or her tumor genome sequenced, record treatment techniques and outcomes, and then make it all public knowledge.  This data combined has extraordinary potential.

His enthusiasm is infectious as he describes his vision for the near future, “If we started to bring all this information together, the acceleration of knowledge and the transformation of what we could do for the future of disease would be extraordinary.�

Radish Systems ChoiceView Visual IVR Creates Seamless Self-Service

Today, it is a known fact that some Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and live contact centers are frustrating for customers, especially mobile customers who want faster, easier transactions. Both businesses and consumers are calling for ways to leverage smartphones in order to improve self-service IVR and live support.

In fact, according Theresa Szczurek, the co-founder and CEO of Radish Systems (News - Alert) LLC, a provider of voice/data mobility solutions for customer support, 88 percent of people actually hate traditional IVR systems, while 92 percent of people get their impression of a company based on their call center experience, and 63 percent of people actually stop doing business with the company after a bad call center experience.

Luckily, agents that use Radish System LLC’s ChoiceView Live Agent software can send visual data (graphics, photos, documents, diagrams, videos, etc.) during a phone call with mobile users. Mobile users see the visual information, can save it to history, and can send photos and video snippets as part of the session. Radish Visual IVR is all about taking self-service to the next dimension because people want improved self-service.

“The mobile market has grown so we are solving this mobile customer support issue, providing a way for enterprises to support their customers mobile,� said Szczurek in an exclusive interview with TMCnet at ITEXPO (News - Alert) Miami 2013. “We are leveraging the power of mobile devices in real-time over network in real-time.�

For IVRs, ChoiceView allows any cloud or premises-based IVR to be upgraded to a visual IVR with a script change only. It's the first solution to transform traditional IVR systems from many vendors into next generation Visual IVRs. Also, the ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVRs is an open platform for use by IVR developers. With a ‘True Visual IVR,’ customers instantly see visual menus while hearing information and can navigate menus quickly, creating a drastically better customer experience.

“There are literally millions IVR ports out there, new and legacy that do voice recognition and all of the sudden we come along and offer a whole new communication channel: The visual menu,� explained Dr. Richard Davis (News - Alert), Radish co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Today, Radish improves the way organizations communicate with mobile device users through its cloud-based ChoiceView SaaS (News - Alert) solution. ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal unified communications, allowing visual content to be shared while talking or chatting with smart mobile device users using any phone on any network.

“Visual IVR opens up new communications channels to IVRs,� said Davis. “In the distant future, all phone calls will be like this.�

The results are faster communications, lower operating costs, enhanced user experiences, and higher revenues. Currently, ChoiceView is available as a general mobile app on Apple and Android (News - Alert) mobile devices; software for live and automated agents in enterprise contact centers as well as for individual PC users; as a Software Developers Kit for inclusion in third-party mobile apps; and a REST API for Visual.

“The chances are much greater that the problem will be solved with the visual IVR and you won’t need an agent, but if you need an agent, they will get you help seamlessly,� said Davis. 

These days, Radish is busily working through all of the cloud and premise-based IVRs that are out there who are increasingly supporting ChoiceView. As of recently, the company is finding a great deal of interest in its visual IVR from the healthcare, financial services as well as from the mobile ticketing space.

This week, Radish is holding a ChoiceView Give-Away Contest at ITEXPO Miami 2013. Organizations can enter to win a free ChoiceView Live Agent or Visual IVR deployment (up to five agents or IVR ports) including one year of service for a qualified business.

In addition, Szczurek will be speaking at ITEXPO Miami 2013 sessions, where attendees can learn how to transform self-service voice-only Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems into next generation Visual IVRs and how to enhance live assistance to next-generation ‘voice with visuals’ mobile transactions.

She will be speaking on Wednesday, January 30th at 9am in the session, “Contact Center Customer Experience: More than “Can You Hear Me Now?�, and at 2:30pm in the session, “Communications Madness on the Move: Keeping Up with the Mobility Trend.� Additionally, Szczurek will be speaking on Thursday, January 31st at 1:30pm in the session, “Voice-Enabled Applications: The Next Great Mobile Opportunity.�

To enter the ChoiceView Give-Away Contest, go to http://www.RadishSystems.com and contact the company via email or phone stating that you are entering the contest, drop your business card or contact information off at Radish’s ITEXPO presentations, or give your business card to a Radish representative at ITEXPO or another event.

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