OpenSpan Organizes New Thought Leadership Program for Financial Services Call Centers

OpenSpan (News - Alert), has announced that it will organize a new thought leadership series, entitled “The New Normal for Call Center Optimization for Financial Services.�

This new thought leadership series will bring innovational leaders from the industry to share their thoughts and discuss the latest industry trends. It is meant to engage industry experts on learning how innovation-first companies are approaching operational efficiency objectives.

"The issues and trends for call centers in the financial sector often change on a daily basis, depending on new rules or laws that are legislated," said Anna Convery, executive vice president at OpenSpan. "This series is designed to educate call center management about the 'new normal' operating practices - from processes and workflows, to customer loyalty, to regulations and compliance. Its format makes it easy to engage on a variety of fronts."

The company has invited financial services call center leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world to take part of this leadership series. The participants will also get chance to talk with peers and experts in the industry via the OpenSpan blog. The program will discuss operational efficiency and the agile agent desktop.

"Call center leaders are held to a number of performance metrics - from average handle time (AHT) to average cost per call," commented Convery. "Because stringent compliance and regulations demand tight adherence metrics, call centers must redefine workflows, processes and new rules of agent engagement, setting 'new normal' operations."

The experts will also have a discussion about strategies and specific challenges regarding issues in the call center.

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Looped in and Sneakerbox will join to Highlight their out of the box business platforms at the Revolution event

The brick and mortar retail space is still functional today, but it is not necessary. A business can be created without manufacturing or warehousing anything and still be very successful. The collaboration between Looped in, a geolocation based mobile payment app and digital wallet provider, and Sneakerbox a mobile retail truck sounds like a perfect marriage. They will begin this union with a national tour, where the first leg of the tour is going to kick of today in Brooklyn, NY at the Revolution event.

Looped in is one of the easiest and most convenient tools currently in the market for mobile payments. Once you download the free app onto an Android or iPhone you can load money into it from your bank account or credit card. The application allows you to make payments to merchants and send money to anyone in the US for free in less than 10 seconds. The app has additional tools for sending, pooling and making collective purchases with your family, friends and co-workers.

Once the tour gets going both companies will be part of ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ mobile payment for mobile trucks tour. The tour will go to college campuses, skate parks and sneaker retailers in different cities across the country.

The idea for Sneakerbox is the brainchild of two former Nike employees, Tiffany Crews and Angela Schipano. Choosing a truck instead of a brick and mortar store gave them a better way to reach their customers. The owners had a good idea and great products, but the payment system was not always ideal. By choosing Looped in as the only form of payment gave them a safer alternative than cash and a cheaper method than credit or debit card processing.

"When it comes to the entire mobile revolution, for all trucks, food and retail, and control for consumer for all purchases, the looped inâ„¢ pay by phone app is the best option on the market. looped inâ„¢ is second generation mobile pay and is truly ready for prime time. For our tour, looped in and Sneakerboxgo together like peanut butter and jelly. Who wants to deal with cash in the mobile business? No one; Looped inâ„¢ makes it simple, much safer, and so much less expensive than accepting cards or using other mobile card processors," said Angela Schipano, co-owner of Sneakerbox.

The process is as easy as texting, and since there is no personal or financial information stored in the app, it is completely safe. Merchants can use the app on any computer, which integrates with Point of Sale (POS) systems with encrypted systems to ensure the protection of the customer. The app is available at Google Play and the App Store.

This payment system is the next evolution of commerce replacing cash and credit cards at POS transactions, where they are increasingly becoming an inconvenience for the merchant and consumer.

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Sprint Pinsight Media Touts Mobile Advertising Service

Consumer mobile advertising and engagement is gaining momentum, and wireless operator Sprint is ready to tap that emerging market. The operator believes that mobile devices provide an ideal platform for marketing as a service to consumers.

As a result, Sprint is introducing Pinsight Media and advertising service, which has received certification from TRUSTe, a leading online data privacy management solutions provider. The certification reinforces Sprint’s pro-consumer stance on customer privacy and transparency.

In fact, further details on the Pinsight Media and advertising program were presented on Wednesday at a panel session of the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in San Francisco. During this session, Sprint reinforced the fact that Pinsight Media and mobile advertising program is certified by TRUSTe, which includes ongoing monitoring. The TRUSTe privacy seal also indicates that the program includes a professionally reviewed privacy policy and has information practices consistent with the Fair Information Practice Principles, according to Sprint.

Panel moderator Dan Polk, who is director of mobile advertising for Sprint, told the attendees that “Mobile customers can become more informed consumers by receiving relevant messages from advertiser’s in-the-moment that can help their purchase decision.� “The key to Pinsight Media+ is that customers have the freedom to opt in to receive these more relevant brand messages. Customers can be confident that no personal information is shared. The TRUSTe certification validates that Sprint is transparent and accountable for responsible management of the customer’s choice of privacy preferences,� stated Polk.

Other panel members included John Ferraro, vice president, West Coast Advertising Sales – WhitePages, Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer, Hipcricket, and Gabi Schindler, chief marketing officer, Amobee. The panel session explored the possibilities of a full-service advertising model with mobile at the core, and delivered targeted and relevant messages in-the-moment to a receptive audience.

Chris Babel, chief executive officer of TRUSTe, said that “Given abundant consumer privacy concerns it’s no surprise that consumers look for trustmarks before engaging with services, such as the Sprint mobile advertising program.� He added, “With the TRUSTe privacy seal, Sprint sends a clear signal to its customers that it respects their personal information.�

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OAISYS Wins TMC’s CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award

Call recording applications help a company keep track of the calls made and their impact on the business. It also helps companies to comply with various regulations easily. Hence, call recording is an important aspect of a company’s day to day business.

OAISYS (News - Alert) has announced that the company’s Tracer with Mobile Recall product has received the CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC (News - Alert)). Mobile Recall products enable OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

Mobile Recall supports products that offer mobile Web access to call recordings. Without the need to install any software, it improves user experience and offers various features, such as search and playback. It also makes it easier to find the interaction metadata users are looking for.

Talkument helps users understand risk management and have complete control over it. It also helps manage other issues such as compliance and dispute resolution. It provides Outlook-style interface and allows users to access stored telephone conversations.

Mobile Recall also allows users to save routine searches and even run ad-hoc searches. They can also make use of more than one criterion to search specific recordings from a list. It also helps users to make sense of business information and arrive at informed decisions.

“We at OAISYS are honored to have the pairing of our Tracer quality monitoring solution and Mobile Recall application win a CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award," said Brian Spencer (News - Alert), OAISYS president. "We built Mobile Recall in direct response to our customers' need to take their call recordings with them. With Mobile Recall, we have optimized our users' 'bring your own device' experience for accessing recordings using virtually any mobile device.�

The company recently announced that it received patent No. 8,335,299 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent has been obtained for the company’s Portable Voice Document (PVD) technology.

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