Ericsson Helps Vodafone Egypt with Psi-Coverage Solution

The information and communications technology industry can help lead the transition to a low-carbon economy through greater resource efficiency. The Ericsson (News - Alert) Psi-Coverage solution is one solution that provides Mobile Broadband (3G) coverage with 45 percent energy savings compared to traditional solutions. Psi-Coverage uses new Ericsson technology to boost coverage while enabling significant energy and cost savings by using just one standard radio.

In a recent statement, Ericsson confirmed that it successfully tested Psi-Coverage, a first-of-its-kind energy-saving solution in the Vodafone (News - Alert) Egypt Network.

Ericsson and Vodafone have been consistently aiming to recognize the increasingly important role of the mobile industry in helping to achieve sustainable development. As Egypt transforms into a highly connected market, both companies have associated to help mobile users enjoy benefits of data with less strain on energy consumption.

"This is an example of innovating with our customers to try new and sustainable ways of bringing mobile broadband to the masses. Our continued partnership with Vodafone Egypt has allowed us to take a huge leap in deploying solutions for more sustainable mobile networks. Psi-Coverage allows operators to reduce carbon footprint while maintaining quality of services to their customers," Anders Lindblad, president of Region Middle East and Africa, Ericsson, said in a statement.

Eliminating excess power consumption creates a more energy efficient network. Ericsson’s solution eliminates the need for three radios in a coverage area, and instead uses one radio unit that connects three antennas together to provide high-quality coverage without the power usage that is necessary in larger cities.

As indicated, in the First Field Implementation (FFI), Psi-Coverage lowered energy consumption by 40 percent as a result of reducing the amount of radios used for a 3G base station within the network. By rolling out the solution, Psi-Coverage is noted to bring high-quality coverage to less densely populated areas.

"Psi-Coverage proved to be successful during testing, it reduced power consumption substantially and helped in saving OPEX (News - Alert)/CAPEX costs. We are pleased to have partnered with Ericsson yet again on this opportunity to demonstrate technology leadership," Tony Dolton, chief technology officer at Vodafone Egypt stated.

In other recent news, Ericsson launched its cost-effective disaster recovery solution for broadcasters.

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Covene Celebrates First Anniversary against Background of Phenomenal Growth

For many years, it was a challenge for organizations to start and complete a variety of technology projects in the Midwest for the region was highly dependent on partners from different parts of the country. Inevitably, this led to projects never being commenced or completed in time. In addition, because of serious staffing concerns, companies were forced to hang on to their outdated legacy technology and support was inadequate.

Sensing an opportunity to serve the Midwest, Covene, a unified communications consulting firm, began offering Cisco (News - Alert) unified communications consulting expertise to companies throughout this region with engineers in St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas, and celebrated one year in business on April 5, 2013, in great style.

“Covene LLC was established due to a void in available expert collaboration consultants in the Midwest market,� noted Matthew Powell, director of client services.

Covene, which experienced phenomenal growth in the first year, brought together local talent from the IT community and ensured the availability of expert collaboration consultants in the Midwest market, solving the problem of support for complex and multifaceted technology projects. Cost intensive and overdue projects apparently became things of the past.

“We’re extremely pleased by the phenomenal growth we have experienced in our first year and the enormous opportunity ahead,� observed Mark Turpin, founder and principal at Covene.

The boutique Cisco unified communication consulting firm specializes in Cisco’s collaboration portfolio, which includes call control, contact center apps, video integration messaging and more. These provide project-based services with solutions for planning, design, implementation and even remediation.

Covene specializes in Cisco's collaboration portfolio, which includes call control, messaging, video integration and contact center applications. Users can thus get a consistent, compelling experience across PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones, as Covene delivers secure, clear and reliable communications across the organization.

Also, with the presence of a diverse partner network, Covene enables customers to integrate multiple technologies as part of a complete solution. By providing collaboration through unified communications, Covene has taken existing infrastructure to the next level, and has also removed the complexity from transitions and upgrades.

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Bunchball Unveils Augmented Gamification Tools for Jive Platform

Approximately seventy percent of Global 2000 companies will gamify at least one application by 2014, predicts Gartner (News - Alert) Research.

Cashing in on this trend, Bunchball, a company specializing in gamification, has enhanced gamification tools for the Jive platform at the ongoing Marketo (News - Alert) Summit in San Francisco. This includes the new version of Jive's Advanced Gamification Module powered by Bunchball’s Nitro.

Both Bunchball and Jive had revealed their collaboration to deliver enterprise gamification with the Jive Gamification module.

Bunchball’s Nitro is the company’s gamification platform that solves customers’ wide variety of business problems by encouraging highly valuable user behavior on its site, thereby enabling employee motivation and engagement while improving the success of loyalty programs.

Offering marketers, media sellers and employers with the tools they require to drive high-value online engagement through gamification, Bunchball is helping enterprises to expand capabilities through Jive's Advanced Gamification module.

According to a statement, many firms, such as Eloqua (News - Alert), SolarWinds, T-Mobile and Tableau Software, have implemented Jive's Advanced Gamification module powered by Bunchball Nitro to motivate employees, customers and partners to make more frequent and meaningful contributions to the social business experience enabled by Jive.

This latest Advanced Gamification Module powered by Bunchball Nitro is very useful across many corporate initiatives, whether for use in employee engagement and communications, sales and channel enablement, or customer service.

With Bunchball’s enhanced gamification tools for the Jive platform, community managers can have greater control to create their own game dynamics. These game dynamics can compel users toward answering questions to drive down support costs, reading training material to better ramp new employees or even connecting with other users within enthusiast groups to grow a social community.

In addition, the latest module also includes reputation assessment, which is a new Bunchball algorithm that ranks the reputations earned by members and also provides insights that can help enterprises increase the number of quality contributions from users.

Also featuring more extensive and seamless integration of game mechanics within the Jive interface, the latest module provides an experience similar to Jive. Additionally, the latest modules also feature more precise personalization. Bunchball now attaches contextual information to those activities apart from tracking more than 100 specific activities to structure missions and challenges within Jive.

Krissy Espindola, director, KM and social customer support, T-Mobile (News - Alert), said in a statement, “By gamifying that experience with badges, levels, points and specially customized incentives, we will harness our employees' natural competitive spirit to engage them more than ever before. This is the unique value that the latest integrated Jive and Bunchball solution delivers to T-Mobile."

Nathan Rawlins, vice president of product marketing, Jive, said, "Companies across the globe are using Jive to transform the way they increase productivity and deliver meaningful business results. Game mechanics, when woven into the social business activities, can encourage specific collaboration and communication behaviors, such as answering sales reps' questions to get proposals to market faster.�

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Trident Technical College Selects SciQuest’s Express Solution for Higher Education

Trident (News - Alert) Technical College, a public, multicampus community college based in South Carolina, has gone live with SciQuest’s Express Solution for Higher Education.

Thanks to SciQuest’s solution, Trident Technical College will now be able to work closely with other higher education institutions in South Carolina to consolidate procurement resources.

Officials with SciQuest said that Trident Technical College and participating institutions intend to use SciQuest solutions to pool their purchasing power to create a Consortium Community to drive cost savings and gains in purchasing efficiency.

“Trident Technical College is facing the same issues faced by so many institutions of higher learning – to cut costs and find ways to stretch the dollars they do have to deliver the best educational experience,� said John Fabris, vice president of higher education at SciQuest, in a statement.

By working with some of the largest and most prestigious schools in the world to automate critical business processes, SciQuest has developed a deep knowledge of the unique requirements of educational institutions.

“This allows us to work with schools like Trident Technical College to turn spending into a source of strategic saving,� Fabris said.

Company officials said SciQuest’s Express Solution for Higher Education, which is being integrated by Ellucian with the college’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Colleague by Ellucian, is a stand-alone source-to-settle eProcurement solution pre-configured for quick implementation and minimal IT support.

According to company officials, SciQuest’s Express Solution for Higher Education, which is designed specifically for the unique needs of academic institutions, empowers schools to gain control over and enhance procurement strategies, delivering a seamless purchasing experience to every user on campus.

Earlier this month, SciQuest and eMolecules, creator of one of the industry’s most powerful compound sourcing platform, announced a partnership to make available eMolecules’ catalog of in-stock molecular building blocks within SciQuest’s Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM)  platform. 

ERM users can now directly and seamlessly purchase in-stock molecular building blocks via eMolecules’ market-leading database.

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NetWise’s Right Start Platform to Allay New SMEs Colocation Fears

When SMEs enter the colocation marketplace for the first time, they are bewildered with the array of choices before them, and with data center operations evolving in the hosting space, they are more confounded than ever.

It’s a scary feeling not to know what you’re getting yourself in to, how many servers you need, how much bandwidth you require or how to optimize resources and reduce costs, but Netwise Hosting is set to alter all that by launching the Right Start colocation support platform.

Regarded as one of London's most successful independent data center owners and operators, NetWise Hosting has introduced this new library of supporting devices specifically to prop up those SMEs that are swimming in the colocation space with no support.

Comprehensive services starting from consultation and disaster recovery to customer care and pre-arranged remote and intelligent hands contracts are to be found within the Right Start platform.

“We are really pushing engagement with SME’s both throughout London and the nation at large this year, utilizing our impressive flexibility to meet and exceed the expectations of businesses new to the idea of outsourcing strategies,� noted Matthew Butt, managing director at Netwise Hosting, while commenting on the new services.

Technical jargon and unfamiliar concepts can daunt even the strongest minded of SMBs, which are still feeling their way in the colocation space. As this segment has been identified as a fast-growing emergent sector and colocation viewed as a viable outsourcing strategy, the Right Start platform should enable them to get started right.

The South London hosting firm claims to be one of the first in the world to offer a clearly defined “dedicated server to server colocation pathway,� which allows clients a little leeway before they enter into an actual colocation arrangement. They are started off with a dedicated server with the option to migrate the physical machine into a bigger and huger colocation arrangement.

With Right Start bridging the gap between the services set and business owners’ conception of how data centers function, it is no wonder that the NetWise hosting page has been seeing impressive traffic figures. This, the company claims has brought it a lot closer to its goal of claiming a top position in the colocation space.

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