iPhone 6 needs to have six things

iPhone 6 needs to have six things

Source: networkworld.com

The Rollup loves posts with headlines like “What Apple needs to offer with the iPhone 6,” which sums up Lance Whitney’s recent post at CNET.

We can only hope, and pray, that Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive, and the rest of the innovation-challenged employees at Apple Headquarters have an RSS feed to Whitney’s blog.

The quick summary of what Whitney knows is needed: bigger screen, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, NFC (near field communications), higher pixel camera, 128GB storage option, and better battery life.

If these sound familiar that’s because most of them have been on lots of “What Apple Needs to Do” lists for the past three years, at least.

For each needed feature, Whitney’s rationale is so broad as to cover every possible contingency. Thus, the “bigger screen” needs to be bigger than the 4-inch diagonal screen for iPhone 5S and 5C but not, like, too big. “Apple should avoid the huge ‘phablet’ size favored by some companies but still outfit the iPhone 6 with at least a 4.5-inch display,” Whitney says. At what point does a smartphone screen become “huge?”

Whitney is among the many who still seem convinced that Apple is just waiting for the right moment — the moment of “true consumer adoption,” according to Whitney — to jam in a NFC chip and the massive antenna it requires so we can wave our iPhones around and buy stuff. The Rollup is skeptical: Apple’s interest seems to lie in crafting a highly functional, secure, and easy to use online transactional experience along with exploiting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, both of which are already far more widely deployed than NFC.

Finally, it’s entirely likely Apple will continue to improve its smartphone camera, but doing so in more dimensions than simply increasing the number of megapixels. “But with consumers craving beefier smartphone cameras, next year may be time for Apple to boost the megapixel count to lure in more of those potential Lumia buyers,” Whitney says.