ED medication

There are very many re sellers online who claim to sell ED medication. It’s very good to note that only four drugs to

be taken orally have been permitted by the FDA to counter erectile dysfunction. These are Cialis Viagra as well as

Staxyn and Levitra. They all work by escalating the levels of blood moving into the penis so that after stimulation, it

’s possible for a man to get an erection. The mechanism in all the four drugs is the same. There are slight

differences in the length of time they take to work, how long they take effect and how long they last. Cialis starts

functioning the fastest and takes the longest and can last up to thirty-six hours. Staxyn orally breaks up when in

contact with saliva but it has the same ingredients as the others. You might realize that these medications are

completely not safe to take. One can naturally be allergic to these medications if one is scheduled for a surgery in a

short while it’s not advisable to take them too. It is very important to ask your doctors or pharmacist to give you a

thorough breakdown of any terms that are not clear to you. Take all your drugs according to the doctor’s orders.

Remember not to take less or more than the doctor’s prescription the outcome might not be favourable and it can lead

to worse effects. The medications should strictly be taken once a day.

Source: http://www.pillsstuff.com