Analytics Connects the Dots for the Contact Center

January 30, 2015

By Maurice Nagle
Contact Center Analytics Web Editor

The customer experience is paramount, we know this, but how can one ensure that it is providing the highest level of service? What if I told you analytics where the answer, specifically speech analytics? Jeannette Ho, vice president of revenue management and analytics at FRHI Hotels and Resorts recently gave an intereview to where she illuminated several methods to guarantee a top-notch customer experience.

The team at FRHI uses different text analytic methods to offer a look into things like customer emotions and attitude. For example, FRHI will take data form digital properties like social media, consumer forums and surveys to ‘connect the dots’ so to speak. Other properties that offer value include email open rates, mobile app usage as well as digital property navigation/abandonment.

By studying consumer behavior one can literally add up the numbers provided by structuring the data and attributing positive or negative values to each beahvaior. This does not stop here, one can easily meld htier collected data with geographical as well as traditional offline data to calculate and predict behavior.

The brand is able to create a model to guide its decisions moving forward. For example, Ho uses the call center as an example. If the customer continues to abadon while in the middle of a signing up for a service or product can be linked to voice analytical data gained from a negative contact center call in regard to that signup process future interactions can be proactively positive.

As far as benefits go, the ability to connect customer emotion and behavior is invaluable. It offers the agent and the enterpirse an expanded opportunity for more personalized and successful marketing campaigns.

Jeannette Ho and her team aim to give every guest an amazing experience, she refers to it as turning “moments” into “memories.” Ho notes companies like Swisscom and Zapfi as two companies that have implemented various analytics tools into their operations and have seen tangible improvements in there customer service.

The question I leave you with is simple. If we know that the customer experience is top priority, why isnt everybody doing all that can be done to provide such service?

Edited by Alisen Downey