BaubleBar Wins 2014 Customer Engagement Award

BaubleBar Wins 2014 Customer Engagement Award

December 31, 2014

By Joe Rizzo, Cobrowsing Technology Contributing Writer

Vee24 is a company that was founded seven years ago with the goal of providing a better way for brands to engage with customers. Vee24 provides a simple and seamless way for brands to connect with their customers over the Web, on mobile devices and in stores using voice, video, text, and co-browsing.

Co-browsing is like screen sharing, however it is limited to the browser and it is lightning fast. With co-browsing, a remote viewer can connect up to a presenter’s browser instantly and show them around a website by highlighting different elements of the page. They can also click links or fill out forms remotely, which is all accomplished with no downloads or installations for either party.

Every year, brick and mortar retailers see less people walking through their doors. After that big Thanksgiving day dinner who wants to wait outside a store in the wee hours of the morning to begin Christmas shopping when they can do it from the comfort of their couch while drinking a cup of coffee?

Of course, this does present a problem. How can you be sure of what the item really looks like from a Web-based image? Many factors come into play, such as the actual size of the item. By using products like Vee24’s live video assistance solution the customer can interact with a salesperson giving more valuable information than can be acquired from a static photo.

This is a solution that many companies are beginning to develop and focus on. One such company is BaubleBar, which is a jewelry e-commerce retailer. It is very difficult to see an image of a diamond ring, or ruby necklace and know exactly what it looks like from the picture on a retailer’s website. BaubleBar has resolved this issue by partnering with Vee24.

BaubleBar has implemented Vee24’s live video assistance solution, which connects shoppers to stylists via live video. This brings the in-store experience online and directly to the customer. Visitors to the website are invited to have a live video session with a stylist. Once the link is established, the stylist can answer all of their questions in real time. In addition, they can also try on jewelry, which will allow the viewer know how it would look and provide a close-up of any piece.

Nina Alexander-Hurst, who is vice president of customer experience and SWAT (Service With Accessorizing Talent) at BaubleBar had the following to say about the company’s relationship with Vee24, “We are always looking for innovative ways to forge stronger relationships with our customers and are proud to be one of the first in our industry to offer live video styling and co-shopping on our website. “Vee24’s live video assistance technology has helped us achieve the same personalized service on the Web that consumers are used to receiving in-store, resulting in happier customers and higher conversation rates. Our entire SWAT team should be very proud of this great honor.”

The honor that Nina is referring to is Vee24’s fourth annual Customer Engagement Awards from Retail TouchPoints. The awards recognize retailers that are using creativity and innovation to deliver on the promise of customer-centricity. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle