Call Recording Week in Review: HigherGround, TapeACall, SIP Print

Call Recording Week in Review: HigherGround, TapeACall, SIP Print

August 22, 2015

This week in call recording news, we take a look at more of the benefits associated with recording and tracking phone calls, and review some of the latest offerings available.

HigherGround, which is a well-known provider of solutions for critical communications, announced this week it has joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program which will make it possible to deliver even more call recording capabilities to customers.

As per the news, Higher Ground will be a primary provider for interaction recording solutions for Cisco Instant Connect.

If you’re communications aren’t as critical, but you’d still like to be able to record them, an offering highlighted this week may be the most cost efficient route.

TapeACall Pro is an app that makes recording calls easier for mobile phone users. The app costs $9.99 a year and offers unlimited call recordings.

One place call recording will forever be a topic of interest is in the call center setting.

Numerous new technologies have been added to the call center queue to make it easier to manage calls and even extract insight from interactions.

A feature this week looked at the benefits of adding ACD (automatic call distribution) functionality to an enterprise telephone system. Doing so can transform a company into a sophisticated call center that is able to distribute calls and monitor success.

This week we also took a look at the top reasons to start a call tracking program.

These programs not only offer additional insight into the things that are working, and those that are not, but they also help with seeing how SEO, pay-per click and other sources like social media are helping with campaigns.

That’s all for this week. Check back for all the latest in Call Recording news as it happens. Until next week… 

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