Cloud Call Center Week in Review: Genesys, Verint Systems, SAP, Contact Centers Company, T-Mobile

November 22, 2014

Contributing Writer

A contributor to Cloud Contact Center discussed this week the importance of knowing customers' expectations. Rory Thompson, TMC's Web editor, discussed a Genesys webinar that provided some details about the ever-evolving contact center market. The webinar showed that a majority of call centers support voice, email, Web chat, and social channels and that a much smaller percentage use SMS and video. All those modalities combine to show that customers demand each channel and that businesses must respond by providing those channels or else they could be left behind.

The overall point here is the call centers must be aware of their customers' intentions to make sure they respond in appropriate ways. However, there is more than simply providing contact channels; data collection is also important. The intelligent call routing software from Verint Systems called Kana Enterprise makes sure that the correct call center agents attend to the situations they are best able to handle. The software uses analytics to determine the nature of calls and screen potential agents based on their past interactions with customers. This workforce optimization can make call centers more efficient and keep customers out of long waiting queues.

SAP is also working on the analytics side of the equation by developing its SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence Solution that combines SAP enterprise customer data with customers' buying behavior. The platform is geared toward the improvement of advertising and should make its way into social media platforms such as Facebook where consumers spend a lot of their time and, therefore, where ads can be most effective.

One other company that appears to have a clear vision of its future is Contact Centers Company (CCC), a subsidiary of the Saudi Telecom Company that operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CCC recently announced that it has opened up a call center that contains an all-female staff, targeting the underrepresented female population in the country. The call center in the city of Riyadh addresses lifecycle management concerns for female customers. It currently has 134 employees and intends to expand by about 200 to 250 positions within the next year.

Lastly, heading back to the U.S., TMC reported on the state of a call center job fair that recently took place in Salem, Oregon. The T-Mobile job fair saw a reported 150 people in attendance vying for 75 openings at a call center in Salem. The fair, TMC notes, has become an annual event for the global telecom. It has seen people lined up out the door at these events. This year, T-Mobile reportedly offered jobs to 20 people on the spot and intends to offer several more positions to applicants in the coming weeks.