Durham College Students Ride Zang Platform to Victory

Durham College Students Ride Zang Platform to Victory

November 23, 2016

The communications developer sandbox is chockfull of tolls today. From WebRTC and cloud to virtualization and beyond, today’s developer has a fully loaded arsenal at their disposal. Today, Zang announced that its applications-as-a-service and all-in-one-cloud communications platform powered the winning team from Ontario’s Durham College Society of Communication Technology Consultants (SCTS) Maker Challenge.

“We're proud of the students from Durham College for exhibiting the power, flexibility and usability of the Zang Cloud platform, and thank all the students for participating in this excellent initiative,” said Davide Petramala, executive vice president of Zang.

Applications were open to student teams from Ontario Colleges, and the winning team created an application that connects active directory users to Zang Cloud accounts via SMS. Three teams, made up of students from Durham and Centennial Colleges, were provided access to a technical engineer, SDK/API, test environment and enhancement to the UCaaS solution at hand (each team was utilizing different vendor tech).

Each team was given two weeks to turn idea into reality, and present their applications to a panel of judges on November 17. The wining solution solidified its status by demonstrating the ability to communicate with servers via text message without data while lounging in a tropical locale.

“With the vast majority of IT teams currently developing apps for customers, partners and employees, Zang Cloud offers easy to use drag and drop tools, pre-built applications and robust APIs that make it possible for anyone to leverage the best of the web to quickly build and deploy applications that communications-enable consumer or enterprise applications and services,” Petramala continued.

It’s certainly an exciting time for communications development, as the tools available allow for creativity to be your only limitation. Now, only time will tell if participants turn into the next generation of innovation, but from an industry awareness standpoint these types of events are invaluable. Regardless of what field they choose, the college students of today are the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Edited by Alicia Young

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