E-Commerce Marketing Techniques Clash on China’s Singles’ Day

December 28, 2015

Stateside, all of the hype surrounding the holiday shopping season largely centers around two days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, both of these days are dwarfed internationally by China’s Singles’ Day. Established in 2009, this holiday originally centered around China’s popular e-commerce company AliBaba, as they provided huge deals to consumers to drive business traffic. How big is Singles’ Day? This year, Alibaba reported around 1.43 billion US dollars in transactions on its Tmall e-commerce site, even as China’s economy is suffering a bit of an economic slowdown.

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While originally Singles’ Day was entirely focused on AliBaba, in recent years other e-commerce providers in China have jumped into the fray, including China-based JD.com and international competitors like Amazon and Walmart. These companies all spent a fair amount of marketing time and money attempting to lure Chinese shoppers (and their average payments of 247 dollars on this day) to their business. There is a fair amount that content marketers can glean about e-commerce in today’s business culture from the outcomes of this monumental event.

One of the most interesting aspects of this year’s Singles’ Day was the proliferation of online financing: companies taking small interest fees to allow customer to pay for products in several installments over a period of time. This practice was incredibly popular with customers this year.

Another popular practice this year was preordering for deals. It may seem obvious, but offering customers a pre-order for a deal is incredibly well received. In fact, many customers are willing to (and in fact did) pay a premium to avoid waiting up all night to capitalize on deals.

Finally, a third great tidbit for content marketers to make note of is that mobile purchases made up 69 percent of all purchases made on Singles’ Day, making it the first time that mobile sales outpaced those on personal computers. This should only underscore for content marketers the need to optimize content and sales pages for mobile users.

Although it may seem to be worlds away, the information we can learn from the events of Singles’ Day can be applied to e-commerce all throughout the world. Content marketers would be smart to capitalize on the trends from China and apply them to their content in the US. 

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