Five9 & Netrix Bring Out New Cloud Contact Center Solutions

March 30, 2015

Some of the best things in life happen when efforts combine, and the new combination effort between Five9 (News - Alert) and Netrix is no different. Five9's skill in cloud contact center software, coupled with Netrix's ability in cloud-based unified communications (UC) tools means some very big things to come, a relationship that the two companies suggest will yield some “best-of-breed” solutions for the cloud contact center.

The combined effort, according to reports, will bring together both companies' best tools to create a more complete cloud communications system, designed to give enterprise users of all sizes a chance to put the power of cloud-based systems to work. That's going to make it easier for several different sectors of a business to better communicate, ranging from employees to customers.

But the combined effort is really only as strong as its parts, and both Five9 and Netrix are clearly strong players in their respective fields. Netrix brings in a cloud UC offering that offers a full hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform that takes a lot of the expense out of the equation while still allowing for excellent performance. Since the system is hosted, that in turn means users don't need to purchase and maintain a lot of hardware to take advantage of the service, rather just a few basics that were likely on hand to begin with, or can be had for little cost. Five9, meanwhile, offers a complete cloud contact center tool, making it easy for even small companies to offer full contact center services. That's an important distinction in the field where customer experience is so important. With Five9's systems, users can easily switch among the various contact types, from social media to voice calling, meaning a full omnichannel experience can be offered with little difficulty.

Five9's CEO and president Mike Burkland refers to the plan as part of a “growth strategy” that calls for the expansion of an “...ecosystem of strategic partners.” Netrix made a great addition to that lineup on the strength of its contact center and UC tools. Meanwhile, Netrix partner James Carroll (News - Alert) noted that Five9 was an “industry leader in cloud contact center solutions”, and as such, made an excellent partner for Netrix's toolset.

This combination of tools should prove particularly welcome to those looking to expand or institute a contact center operation, and have taken the advice from so many to heart about going with an omnichannel experience. Customers these days expect the option to be able to contact a business by several different means and largely with no concern toward time of day, so a nine-to-five contact center only reachable by phone represents almost nothing of what customers want. However, adding things like live chat and social media options, and opening up the hours tends to perk up customer interest, and that can go a long way for those considering whether or not to be repeat customers.

The customer service market has already seen a lot of change, and it's only likely to see more before it's all over. Those who are ready for the changes will likely do the best, and the combination of Five9 and Netrix should go quite a way in making businesses ready.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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