IoT Connectivity Solutions Week in Review: Airbiquity, Libelium and SanDisk

IoT Connectivity Solutions Week in Review: Airbiquity, Libelium and SanDisk

November 22, 2014

Growing in functionality and popularity, the IoT is only in the beginning stages of development as many innovate to get in on the action and in doing, ensure the projections come true. The IoT Connectivity Solutions Community experienced a flurry of action this week, so sit back and relax; yes it’s that time again, time for the week in review!

Early in the week, we saw Airbiquity give visitors to Telematics Munich a front row seat to its new connected user experience. The new telematics package is aimed at improving three key areas: driver assistance, driver efficiency and driver experience. Read the whole report here to see how Airbiquity is attempting to make distracted driving a thing of the past.

TMC’s Michael Guta reported on Libelium adding Telefonica cloud solutions to its Waspmote wireless sensor platform. With Cisco projecting the IoT to reach 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and a majority of these connections are forecasted for city infrastructure, Libelium is honing in on the smart cities space. Libeliums connectivity solutions can be used in various industries but the original aim is for system integrators, engineering and consultancy companies to be able to bring products and services to market faster.

SanDisk invested in the future of connected devices this week. The venture capital wing of SanDisk, SanDisk Ventures chose to invest in chipset developer Altiar. The exact amount is unclear, but it is public knowledge that SanDisk Ventures has $75 million it is prepared to invest in furthering the flash-based storage solutions.

We have all heard the eye-popping numbers associated with the IoT, billions of connections and trillions of dollars of revenue but where will this occur? To many, a connected future is a foreign concept, so to offer some illustration one should look at some of the key industries experiencing disruption. These include manufacturing, medicine and retail. Read the full analysis here.

The IoT Connectivity Solutions Community is a hub of all things IoT so stop by to stay up to date on all the happenings in the space. The weather may be cooling, but it is really heating up in the IoT. See you next week!

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