Measuring Performance on a Regular Basis Key to Having Successful Call Center

One of the most important assets of many businesses is its call center. It is often one of the front lines of contact between a business and its customers and can make the difference between a great experience and the customer switching to a competitor.

Having a call center in and of itself does not guarantee success, however. It requires a huge investment in both labor and technology and if not performing well, that investment is wasted. It is critical therefore, that companies have measurable results to insure their call center investment pays off.

According to an article in Nearshore Americas, these measurable results come in the form of key performance indicators (KPI). By keeping a meaningful set of these statistics on a regular basis, companies are better equipped to track call center performance and take corrective action if needed.

One of those who were interviewed in the article, Cheryl Flink, is a chief strategy officer for Market Force Information. She cited indicators that measured how quickly agents responded to the customer’s problem; how much time they spent with the customer; and how often these problems are solved on the first contact.

These three statistics alone will go a long way towards improving call center performance. It goes without saying that customers don’t want to wait a long time for an agent or spend a lot of time talking to one while resolving an issue. Satisfying those conditions alone is only a temporary fix if the customer has to make multiple calls to solve their problem.

The term ‘customer experience’ has been used so often that it may have already reached buzzword status, but dismissing it as such is not a good idea. Call centers need to get at the source of aggravation and frustration their customers feel when using their company’s products or services, and when they need help solving a problem.

There’s no shortage of studies showing that a better customer experience is a huge differentiator for a business otherwise lost in a crowd of competitors. Measuring how well a call center performs and responding properly to the data is one of the many things a company can do to stand out. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle