NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: ADVA, CENX, Ericsson, NEC

February 28, 2015

Next week is sure to be a big one for network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, given Mobile World Congress takes place the first week of March. But several suppliers went ahead this week and announced planned demonstrations, and new initiatives and product launches, of virtualized solutions for the carrier set.

NEC Corp. and its subsidiary NetCracker Technology, for example, announced they have established a new global business brand and structure to address NFV and SDN. The new NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solutions will have units dedicated to delivery, sales and marketing, and research and development.

Also this week CENX revealed it has partnered with Spirent to demonstrate orchestration of voice over LTE services on virtualized network infrastructure. CENX sells a solution called the Cortx Service Orchestrator that gives service providers like the telcos visibility of network utilization, performance metrics, and service topology so they can manage quality of service. Spirent sells a product called Spirent Landslide for end-to-end testing of mobile networks.

Active Broadband Networks introduced a software-only forwarding engine for broadband edge processing. Called the Active Programmable Gateway, this virtual network function solution eliminates the need for edge routers, instead enabling broadband operators to connect customers directly to their clouds.

Meanwhile, Interop Technologies joined forces with Taqua to build out its VoWiFi and VoLTE offerings.

ADVA Optical Networking said it will stage a demonstration on virtualization in radio access backhaul networks next week at Mobile World Congress 2015. The focus here is how MNOs can use NFV technology to eliminate the restrictions of hardware-coded networks.

And Ericsson yesterday released a slew of announcements in connection with Mobile World Congress. That included news that it plans to demonstrate new Ericsson Router 6000 series solutions that couple radio and IP transport with Ericsson Radio System and Ericsson Network Management, and integrated SDN functionality. It will also demo next week the new Ericsson virtual router for NFV infrastructure.
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