NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Net Neutrality, Dialogic, Global Capacity

January 31, 2015

This seems to be the week to discuss net neutrality. Is it possible to continue ensuring service quality amid all the discussions and speculation concerning net neutrality? Global Capacity and Saisei are two companies that feel the way is through service virtualization. SDN and NFV concepts can be effectively leveraged to meet individuals at both sides of the net neutrality spectrum. It will be interesting to see how things progress as decisions on net neutrality get made.

Saisei also feels that net neutrality can be a win/win scenario. The discussions are heating up, politicians, corporations and service providers are all waiting to see what conclusion the FCC will reach. NFV offers a new way to design, deploy and more importantly, manage networking services. Is NFV, along with SDN, something that could turn the net neutrality discussion into a win/win scenario?

The prediction is that in just three years NFV and SDN will reach the $11 billion mark. As we found out during ITEXPO, there are some, such as Dialogic, who feel that it will not take that long to reach the mark. There is the feeling that we will see more deployments in the NFV space as well as additional separations of applications from hardware.

 NTT America is currently the first private cloud system to deploy SDN and it is routinely putting SDN to work in providing application support at the enterprise level. This week, NTT America was at ChannelVision Expo, which shared the spotlight with ITEXPO 2015. This was the platform it used to show the power of information and communications technology solutions.

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