Rocket Fuel to Address Individual Consumers in DSP

November 24, 2015

Rocket Fuel, a developer of demand-side marketing platforms (DSPs), has announced that it will begin using its own Moment Scoring marketing algorithms to better track potential advertising impact within its self-service DSP.

Moment Scoring software can track users behind devices, instead of the devices themselves. Normal marketing scores rate the use of devices and how past interaction from devices can inform customer interests. However, this type of scoring can break down when multiple individuals pass around the same devices. Rocket Fuel wants to address each user profile to provide each individual with the best advertising that meets their needs.

Randy Wootton, the CEO of Rocket Fuel, explains the situation with more depth:

“Individual consumers appear as four or five profiles on average across their owned devices, switching among them frequently throughout the day,” Wootton said. “With our new people-based marketing approach, our Moment Scoring technology leverages unified profiles to present a holistic and complete view of an individual to deliver the right ad at the right moment on the right device, avoiding the delivery of excess ads on more devices. With Moment Scoring, the value for marketers is clear: optimize spend and drive higher campaign performance.”

The final line of his comment underscores the potential that this person-centric focus can have for marketers. Although the primary goal, for marketers everywhere, has always been to reach as many people as possible with relevant messages, the addition of mobile computers and phones has not made the situation any easier. Marketers have had to work hard to try to distinguish between one user and another. Now, that mission becomes a possibility.

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Moment Scoring is set to become the default setting in its self-service DSP in 2016. Within several months of that default setting becoming a reality, Rocket Fuel intends to place Moment Scoring into its data management platform as well. Tests for the initial stages of Moment Scoring development have shown improved marketing performance of 30 percent for direct ad responses and more than 50 percent for overall campaign goals. With those numbers attached to the DSP and data management applications, marketers may be able to boost their performance from multiple angles.

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