SDN and NFV Tech Continues to Rise

There is very little doubt that in web-scale networking there are a number of different changes when it comes the SDN and NFV services. Those changes are coming thanks in large part to the transition that is going on in the industry to a much faster moving and agile data center as well as business ecosystem. There is more data being passed through these data centers as well as more users coming in and quite a bit more focus on resource efficiency.

One report about the SDN and NFV markets shows that global cloud traffic actually managed to pass the zettabyte threshold back in 2014 and the move to the cloud is going to be almost complete by 2019. The report, as Data Center Knowledge points out, says that 86 percent of all data center traffic will be going through the cloud.

There are a couple of different reasons as to why the cloud is moving front and center when it comes to the SDN and NFV markets. The ease in which a company can scale its needs when it comes to the cloud is the biggest reason people are choosing this feature. There isn’t the need to download one kind of solution and then work around the fact that it might be bigger than a company needs for its purposes.

Using the cloud also means that IT professionals don’t need to be present at all times when it comes to making these adjustments, but it is the specific features that make the technology so attractive. There’s extra processing power as well as the fact that resources can be quickly and efficiently reassigned. There are examples when companies will need SDN and other times when they need to use NFV solutions but it seems more and more that firms are needing both pieces of technology on a more regular basis.