See the Savings, Literally

Today, conference call services like Web Conferencing are integral to open and collaborative communication in business. They help team members stay on the same page, and regardless of location, maintain high levels of productivity, efficiency and morale. Additional to the benefit of working when, where and how one likes - are the cost savings.

Enterprises near and far readily seek to trim the proverbial budget fat from the bottom line, and one easy way is by implementing a telecommuting policy for employees. And, by leveraging conference call services company travel expenses are greatly reduced as well.

All that said the companies experiencing tangible results are the ones putting employees first. By telecommuting, team members avoid the headache and general “crazy” of commuting but also see some serious savings—gas, tolls, car maintenance, etc. In honor of next week’s National Telework Week, Wallethub has deployed a Telework Savings Calculator on its website—Take a few minutes and take a look, the numbers may surprise you.

The calculator puts the national average at slightly below $11,000 and four tons of Carbon Dioxide. These figured are calculated by using state average prices for gas, commuting distance, vehicle consumption and days commuting to create a value for gas and car savings. The next piece to the equation, “Earnings from Extra Work” is calculated by taking the state by average hourly wage and viewing time saved as time spent working. These two values combined produce a number value equal to one’s money saved by telecommuting.

For those curious, the top five savings were found in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Washington D.C. with the nation’s capital demanding the top spot noting savings of over $14,000. According to WalletHub, the total nation’s savings would be in the neighborhood of $900 billion.

It is not just the enterprise that will be participating in National Telework Week, the Federal Government is embracing it with open arms. Next week, over 100,000 federal employees will be joining the telecommuting fray.

Telecommuting provides benefits to all parties involved. The environment is cleaner, employees are happier and the enterprise sees the end result of greater productivity. It’s too early to say how many people across the nation will be participating in National Telework Week, but I would wager a guess that the number will be more then the estimated three million people that already telecommuting...only time will tell.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi