Spendgo Serving Up Next Generation Engagement & Loyalty

Customer engagement is mission critical in business. The ability to create a personalized experience leads to a loyal base, and in today’s omnichannel, always plugged-in, always on world, this is the name of the game – in a nutshell. Seamlessly addressing engagement in-store, online and on-mobile is crucial to success, and Spendgo is one of the players in the space making this a reality.

Spendgo integrates with apps and POS systems to create a unique experience for customers. As CEO and founder Ivan Matkovic joked at Editors Day Silicon Valley, “When you get a free smoothie at Jamba Juice, that’s my doing.” The POS agnostic solution easily integrates with your POS “to open closed marketing,” and is reporting 500 percent growth since its launch,

Once implemented, Spendgo can determine which interaction or engagement causes a purchase and can leverage that information for

Image via Pixabay

personalized specials for each customer. There is no app to download, no searching through your wallet for a rewards or loyalty card; everything is done through the POS. Companies can also integrate the solution into mobile apps, allowing customers the ability to earn “points” from in app as well as in store purchases.

Spendgo is currently in use at over 10,000 locations (including Jamba Juice, Coldstone & more), with five million people utilizing the loyalty features.

What’s funny is how Spendgo got started. Matkovic regaled on his college experience, as his parents required him to complete a monthly expense report. When he graduated, his roommate sold his car, a professor donated money, and off the company went with a focus on digital receipts. Recognizing the challenge in point of sale, Matkovic and his team came up with a solution, patented it and off Spendgo went to aid in the transformation of omnichannel loyalty.

Matkovic illustrated, “We’re trying to predict what you’d like to buy next...just because you like castles on Facebook, doesn’t mean you’re going to buy a castle.” He continued to explain how Spendgo builds customer profiles across brands, offering the example,  “I might go in and buy smoothies only when you give me double points but you may go in anytime,” heading in the direction AI, already doing email, SMS, and apps Spendgo will be able to literally tell you what you want. The goal is simple, providing “a better way to shop.”

“Sam [from Cheers] doesn’t scale, humans don’t always know what they want,” Matkovic explained. He continued to note that whenever data is collected, it is driven by the end shopper, as all data is first party data.

Recently, the firm partnered with Epson so the solution will be integrated in all of Epson’s receipt printers, offering an instant boost to an already burgeoning market presence.

A lot of firms have been burned by attempting the digital leap, so unfortunately many are trigger shy. This hesitance has resulted in Matkovic having the “you guys are socially awkward, if you weren’t a brand...,” conversation with far too many firms.

Loyalty is earned not built, and creating a personalized, unified experience is not just a step toward supporting our omnichannel world. It is a step toward the future of marketing and shopping. I wouldn’t mind “Sam” following me around from my favorite haunts – It’s nice when everybody knows your name.

Edited by Alicia Young