Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Big Switch, Fujitsu, Silver Peak

Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Big Switch, Fujitsu, Silver Peak

August 22, 2015

Big Switch Networks, which was one of the more high profile startups when software-defined networking first appeared on the scene, this week launched the third iteration of its Big Cloud Fabric. This release is geared toward the OpenStack environment and addresses physical and virtual environments, Gregg Holzrichter, chief marketing officer, told me in a recent interview.

The platform enables users to deploy applications 75 percent faster than they could on typical networks; operate their networks 40 percent cheaper than using traditional means; and manage their networks using a centralized controller and fabric that is much more efficient than managing their networks switch by switch, he said.

Also this week: WAN equipment company Silver Peak revealed it is teaming up with Infoblox, Nutanix, and Zscaler to expand Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect ecosystem.

“Silver Peak is dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of building a WAN through broadband Internet connectivity, and our simplified deployment options pave the path to a ‘thin’ branch office architecture,” said Damon Ennis, SVP of products for Silver Peak. “We are excited to take our Unity EdgeConnect solution to the next level by enabling customers to build a broadband WAN that interoperates with industry-leading networking, infrastructure, and Internet security technologies.” 

Ecosystems these days are huge, of course, as is the software-centric networking movement, virtualization, open source, and work to expedite the delivery of network products and services. Dovetailing with many of these trends is IO Visor Project, an effort by the Linux Foundation to advance IO and networking technologies and introduce new solutions.

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Through the effort, Barefoot Networks, Broadcom, Canonical, Cavium, Cisco, Huawei, Intel, PLUMgrid and SUSE plan to build an open programmable data plane for IO and networking applications.

“IO Visor will work closely with the Linux kernel community to advance universal IO extensibility for Linux. This collaboration is critically important as virtualization is putting more demands on flexibility, performance and security,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation. “Open source software and collaborative development are the ingredients for addressing massive change in any industry. IO Visor will provide the essential framework for this work on Linux virtualization and networking.”

Speaking of open stuff, Fujitsu has announced a new open development networking platform. Data center interconnect is the first target for the 1FINITY platform. This platform is designed for physically disaggregated networks and offers functionality through open development, scalability and dense form-factor blades, according to a Transforming Network Infrastructure story posted earlier this week.

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