Web-Scale Networking Week in Review: Apple, Verizon, Hibernia Networks, More

Web-scale networking made more news again this past week, and we have a look at some of those stories.

Up top, it was reported that Apple is holding off on plans to launch a live TV service until at least 2016. Licensing discussions with television networks have not been successful so far, and the company may lack the technological infrastructure needed to deliver video content reliably. Assuming Apple can eventually overcome these hurdles, it faces another challenge in attempting to sell television service to a culture moving away from appointment television. Getting at least one network in particular to budge would seem next to impossible. Comcast, which owns NBC, owns the Xfinity service, which is available through X1 and X2 set-top boxes. These would all compete directly against Apple’s TV service and its set-top box, the Apple TV. The full story can be found HERE.

Elsewhere, Verizon has completed testing on technology that could conceivably allow the carrier to offer Internet speeds up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). According to Verizon, it has tested 10Gbps broadband service with both a residential and a business customer in Massachusetts. The lab tests were conducted in Waltham, Massachusetts. Vincent O’Byrne, Ph.D., director of access technology for Verizon, said that “The trial consisted of a new optical line terminal (OLT) installed in the Verizon central office, generating four wavelengths, or colors of light, each capable of operating at 10G/2.5G [10Gbps download and 2.5Gbps upload].” You can click HERE to read more about this technology update.

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In other news, Hibernia Networks announced recently that is about to complete a rather large project connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia to London, England and Cork, Ireland. This particular high speed Internet cable connection will be up and running and blazing fast, by the end of September. In a release, Hibernia said that this particular connection will serve a rather important role in allowing Ireland to strengthen its standing when it comes to the “global cloud infrastructure.” Full details are HERE, and you can click HERE for more web-scale networking news as it’s posted.