WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Firefox, Voice4Net, 3CX, Voxbone

January 31, 2015

Is HTML5 ready for prime time? Google seems to think so. Back in November 2006 when Google acquired YouTube, Flash was used for playing videos. That is about to change as YouTube is now in favor of using HTML5. YouTube uses HTML5 by default in Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8, as well as in beta versions of Firefox. In addition to HTML5, WebRTC has also found a place of endorsement with Google and YouTube.

Another company that feels that WebRTC is coming into its own is Oracle. Our own Erik Linask had a discussion with Doug Tait, who is the director of telecoms markets at Oracle. Find out where the industry is in terms of WebRTC adoption and what Oracle feels the future holds. Is there movement or are we playing a waiting game?

Are you looking for a cloud-based platform that provides personalized, instant engagement for website visitors? Quisbee could be the platform that you are looking for. CafeX is a company that is seeing a lot of WebRTC deployments taking place and feels that its Quisbee platform could hold a prominent position. CafeX is focusing on three main pillars in business to keep its success moving forward through WebRTC.

Will WebRTC require having Microsoft and Apple onboard for it to become a viable solution? Find out the answer to this and more by experiencing Erik’s interview with CEO of Comunicano, Andy Abramson at WebRTC Conference and Expo in San Jose. Andy is someone who keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry.

Do you count yourself among the growing number of people who feel that they are being overwhelmed by the various applications that are available for many of your projects? One company that is attempting to change that perception is called Incentive. Find out how their announcement for the latest release of their platform designed to improve collaboration and reduce platform weariness can work for you.

Check out all that has been happening each week in the world of WebRTC by taking a stroll through our WebRTC Solutions website.

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