You Can Do That From Home?

December 31, 2014

The remote workforce has proven to be a key cog in the wheel of industry. 2014 saw more businesses embrace various tools like Web conferencing that have made telecommuting a very real option. Heading into 2015, this is the time for resolutions. Many are in the market for a new job; some have circumstances that do not permit a daily commute and others simply want the freedom that working from a location of their choosing permits.

As more companies embrace the freedom, productivity and efficiency that conference call services and technology in general provide we begin to see it reflect in job postings. More and more it is seen that once the benefits are experienced enterprises are willing to hire remote workers.

A recent article from Forbes, “The 50 Most Surprising Work-From-Home Jobs Of 2014” painted quite the eclectic picture of the 2014 remote workforce. It also points to a bright future for telecommuters in general, as each of these positions carry a telecommuting component and most would not be considered ‘typical’ telecommuting positions—I would most certainly suggest perusing the list.

Forbes’ Laura Shin lists several names from the list we all know like The Chicago Cubs, Holland Brewing, Apple, American Express (News - Alert) and Aetna—all with positions to be filled for the remote workforce.

Founder and CEO of Flexjobs, Sarah Sutton Fell told Forbes, “Many people underestimate the types of legitimate work-from-home jobs available in today’s employment market, but the variety of opportunities represented in this list reveals how rapidly telecommuting jobs are growing and diversifying.” She continued “Opportunities for interesting work-from-home jobs will continue to increase as more companies recognize and capitalize on the win-win benefits that telecommuting arrangements offer for both businesses and workers.”

The most prominent advantages to a virtual team include cost savings, improved morale, reduced stress, reduced turnover, increased productivity and a reduced carbon footprint. To those using conference call services and the like, the concept of telecommuting can be considered a no-brainer.

Edited by Peter Bernstein